Wednesday, August 6, 2008

{The Bedrooms}

First off, thank you all for the sweet comments about my home. You've all made me feel like I have the most comfy cozy nest in the world, and my hubby wonders why I like blogging so much :)

Today I'm showing the bedrooms. I don't know about you, but they are always the last to get decorated they way I would like. I guess because everybody doesn't see them like they do the rest of the house.

This is me and the hubbys room. It is in desperate need of some decorating. I love those pictures on the wall. I try and take my kids to get their pictures taken when they are around 2, and frame them pretty like these. I just think it's the perfect age, they still have their sweet chubby faces and their little personalities are really starting to show.

I really want to hang some plates over my bed like the Nester did and Shannon over at Bless our Nest, I think it looks so good. I need to start watching for some plates. Kimba even gave the great idea to spray paint them the color you want. That should make my search and thrift stores a little easier. The little chair back there is one that was my Grandpa's. It was a chair that was in the home he grew up in, so it's pretty old, and I love it.
Why am I showing all this empty space? Because I have no idea what to do with it. We have lived in this house for three years now and this little space continues to stump me. Any ideas?

Here are my Walmart window treatments. They were here when we moved in and I have yet to do anything else.
Umm, the bathroom. Not much too say.

Here is a lovely view of the toilet. Ya like? Do people still use these little toilet covers or is it just me? Are they totally out of style? This first door is the door to my closet and I won't be showing that anytime too soon, not unless it's a post on the need to organize.
My little boys room. I do really like his room. I love the colors so it was easy for me to redecorate. The Nester's idea on the ragamuffin was a good one too.

This chair was my great grandma's. She gave it to my grandma, who gave it too me. I saw these bikes in a catalog for $15 and had to get them. They remind me of my dad who is a big biker. Almost every year he goes on a big bike trip, and couple years ago he, my brother and my hubby rode their bikes from Utah to Oregon.

Here is my daughter/baby boys room. Ya like my one little tiny picture on the wall? I don't know what to do in this room either. Actually if I had a ton of money I would have no problem. So for now it's decorated in Walmart decor.

This dresser my Aunt gave us, along with the nightstand and headboard. I really like it, it could use a fresh coat of white paint, but I'm not complaining, it was free.

My walmart window treatments. Sometimes they have some really good stuff at the right price.

The baby's bed. It's nap time, the best time of the day!

Ok, there ya have it. I'm thinking of showing our real family room/ office/ music room/ playroom. Well see how daring I am.


Robert said...

Wow!! Your home looks so attractive & so simple, like it.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Love your wall color in your bedroom. So relaxing. You sons room is so adorable and clean!!! I will never dare share my sons room it is a clutter mess. LOL. Very cute little girls room. My DD used some white furniture like that for a long time. And the curtains I had the same ones hanging in my kitchen when we moved in. LOL.


sassy seamstress said...

your little boy's room is so adorable. i love it! the bikes on the wall are great and the ragamuffin is just perfect.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I would say start looking at your other have some great ideas there.

I am planning on putting large framed photos of the kids over my bed...I have a vace filled with sand and shells...but that's it for my room...I lived in my other house for 10 years, and it still had the "cute" pictures from pre kids hanging on the walls...ugh how I grew to hate those pictures...

tumbleweed said...

Your home is so clean and crisp-beautiful! I just love how you have the pictures hanging from the ribbons (I think I said that in a previous comment, sorry but I just love how you did them :O)
Shayne Louree

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I love M's room!! It is so cute! Look how freaking clean your house is!!! I would be too embarrassed to take pictures of my house!!

Laura said...

I am loving your house tour! I find the master bedroom to be the hardest room to decorate myself. I think it is because no one really sees it, and we don't spend much time there besides sleeping. If I had tons of money I would love to decorate like Candice Olson, but on an average budget, I am starting to repurpose things I see. I have been inspired by everyone's creativity on how to look differently at things. I think the plate idea would be lovely, and you can even hang some in your blank space.

Laura :)

Scrapper Mom said...

wow, girl, your house is so clean. I have enjoyed seeing all your rooms..I cleaned house a little this past week too, so I made sure I took pictures while everything was in it's place (doesn't happen very often).

Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

I so am loving all your Old furniture pieces that you have gotten from your grandparents. You fit them in well around your house. And i agree with the ladies your house is sooooo clean! Why can't my kids keep my house clean I'll never know.

And your new header LOOKS FABULOUS! I Love it! See your just awesome!


If I can find your email I will email you a picture of what my sis in law did to one of her ledges in her house. Maybe that will spark some ideas as to what to do in your room.

Lisa Ann said...

Love the color of your bedroom. I wish I had ledges like that. I'm not sure what I would put on them.

Amber M. said...

Love the old chair you're using as a night stand. Clever, clever! I love the old chair in the corner of your little boy's room, too.

Marie said...

LOVE the wall color in your bedroom. Very pretty! And WHERE is all your stuff? I've never EVER in my life seen such clean kids rooms! I'm in shock!

I have NO idea what to put up in that empty space in your room though. That's a tricky one!

Nicole said...

Ok people, the truth is my house is rarely this clean. You should have seem me franticly searching for the camera so I could take a picture before it got dirty!

Shannon said...

I think all your rooms are so nice! That chair in your room is priceless. Your son's room is so cute and I love that ragamuffin. I love the colors in your daughter's room. I'm with you...I love Walmart!

PS Thanks for the linky! You are too sweet!

Our Complete Family said...

I just popped on to see if you had done the next round of home tour pics and you have! FUN! Thx for your sweet comment today~ Made me smile! I, too, love the plate idea you mentioned. I need to do that also! You should see my master bedroom~ a big empty pit. I can't seem to get inspired to do it. Working on my sons room right now. Our house is one big 'work in progress'! We have been through 2 dumpsters and have redone a lot. We bought 'sight unseen' while living in Germany...big mistake when you take a chance like that! Oh boy! Happy so close to the weekend to you hun~ Les xo

This Country Girl said...

Hi Nicole,

First of all, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments!

I think you have beautiful colors in your bedrooms and bathroom! I love your son's room!

The bedrooms are the rooms that I get to last around here! I do love my daughter's room and I like my bedroom because it's soothing to me, but it's nothing fancy! Maybe someday I'll be brave and share mine...I'm ready for a change!

I see you love to scrapbook...I'd love to see some of your pages! I'm so far behind.... :)

Stop by soon! I'm saving you to my favorites so I will remember to stop by more often!

Have a great evening!

Ritch in Love said...

I love this tour you've been giving! And I love the simple beauty. I can truly see your home is Heaven on Earth for your family!

Everyday Gourmet said...

I bought my CTMH from Trish's website The sale ends August 25th. The paper was all gone but I think they still had stamps. Good luck getting some great deals! No shipping if you spend $75 as well.

Victoria said...

I bought some big letters from Hobby Lobby, covered them with scrapbook paper & spelled out my daugher's name. That took up a good chunk of space on the wall.

I am terrified to hang things on the walls and never do it until one of my sisters come to help! :)

Your house is so uncluttered! It makes me think I need to go clean. :)