Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{Pumpking Making Tutorial}

I had this entire post typed out and my 18 month old turned by computer off. So here it goes again, it probably will not be as good as the first one.

Ok, so fall is seriously my favorite time of year. I am not a summer person so fall doesn't come fast enough for me. I really want to get out my fall decorations and decorate right now, but it still seems a little early. A couple of year ago I make these pumpkins and I'm telling ya they are super easy. So I'm going to do my best and give a little tutorial.

First, cut your fabric any old size your want it. A couple tips though, I think they look better if the height is longer than the width. You'll also want to allow a couple more inches on the sides than the size you actually want your pumpkin to be. You'll see why when you make the bottom.

Now sew up those sides and leave the top open.

I have to show off this machine. I know you hate me, but don't! It's not mine. It's my SIL's and she is sweet enough to let me borrow it a lot. Doesn't that sorta make me like a part owner or something?

Ok now, lets see if I can explain this. To make the bottom you put the middle of the bottom and the seam on the side together like this.

Go in about 1 1/2 inches and sew a straight line. Do this to the other side and turn your pumpkin right side out.
When your done, your bottom, I mean the pumpkins bottom should look like this.

I like to add one or two cups of rice to the bottom of the pumpkin the help it stand up and to help keep it in place.

Now add some stuffing until she's (yes, it's a girl now) as puffy as you want her.

Now gather up the sides and tie it together with a rubber band. I like to use my little girls hair elastics. Go to your neighbors yard and cut a branch off their tree for her stem.

Tie some raffia around the stem, and cut some leaves off of that fall floral arrangement that you've always hated hot glues those babies on and ta da, your done.

I like to make a few and cluster them together like this. They also make great gifts.

So I don't think Simplicity or McCall's is going to be calling me anytime soon, but hopefully you can figure out my little tutorial.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{Back to School}

I can't believe the summer is over and it's time to send my daughter off to school. She is so excited, she really loves school. She said her teacher is strict, but fair. I thought that was funny.

I always feel guilty when school starts again. Guilty that we had a way boring summer. I wish I could be one of those good moms that take their kids on an activity every week. I have a hard time even letting friends come over. It seems like when a friend is over someone always ends up getting left out. My sister's good friend just had her 5th baby and takes her kids all the time to do fun stuff. I guess I just need to get more daring.

I can't believe she is in second grade already. It seems like once they start grade school they grow up so fast. It seems like just the other day I was in the hospital holding her in my arms. I swear it wasn't sever years ago, was it? Sometimes I really wish I could slow things down. But then I guess I wouldn't get to enjoy all the fun stages they go through.

Come back tomorrow, I have a project I'm working on.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

(Weekend Bargains)

This weekend I visited the dollar store. I was trying to find some of those black crows to make a cute Halloween tree like Susie over at BienVenue. Well, I found the black crows and I also found this stuff. My hubby doesn't like them but I think he will once he sees the big decorating picture :)

So, you've probably already figured out that I spend like 5 bucks. The candles are a little hammered, but maybe it adds some personality.

Then just to make the day better my friend Aubrey over at Shiner Circus gave me this cute lantern for my little boy's room. It looks so cute!

There is just nothing better then a weekend with cheap free stuff.

My hubby on the other had did something crazy.......

He wend sky diving with his two crazy brothers. Sorry this is the only picture I have. I guess it doesn't prove much does it! BTW, my hubby is the one on the

Friday, August 22, 2008

{Super Cool Ideas}

Can you tell I'm having a hard time thinking up interesting titles??? Today is the last day of the tour of my sisters home, and she really does have some great ideas, especially for hanging pictures.

I really like how she hung these pictures. The rod and the iron work above it is from that store Rod Works that I've told your about.

More fun stuff from Rod Works. They do have a online store if your interested. Just Google Rod Works and you'll find it.
I love this easel, I actually think she bought it from Tai Pan, I love these pictures that she had taken at Kiddie Kandids.

This is her Fire Place Mantle. I love these hearts that she made and the sweet Willow Tree figurine.
Sorry, not the greatest picture, I was trying to be a little too creative with the angle.
Here is there coffee table with some fun stuff from Tai Pan, I haven't been there forever, now I want to go!
She probably wouldn't appreciate me taking pics of her bathroom. I just really like it though. I like the paint color and the tile and how she's decorated. I love the little topiary.
I thought this was a cool idea. I might have to try it in my bedroom.
This is above the hot tub in the master bath.
I thought this was a cute idea. It's just one of those canvas covered frames that artists use, and she's decorated it up.
Isn't Modge Podge awesome!
My friend Megan thought I need to show pictures of the families to go along with the home tours. I thought that was a good idea, maybe it will make it feel more personal. Here is my sister and her hubby on their wedding day, a little over two years ago.

Here is my sisters cute little 5 yr old step son and their daughter who just turned one.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the tour! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Beautiful Kitchen

Isn't this kitchen beautiful! I love the Knotty Alder Cabinets, and the granite counter tops. I think my sister has done an awesome job decorating it also.

Here is her dining room. Sorry about the bad picture!
We have the best store here in Utah called Tai Pan, she got a lot of her decorations there! Someday I will take my camera and show you what a awesome store it is.

I love how the cabinets are staggered and not just straight all the way across, it's adds so much depth and personality.
Her ragamuffin garland and beautiful window "mistreatment's"
We call this guy Bruno. My sister hates him, she wont stay at the house if her hubby is out of town cause of this guy. I told her she need needed to put some earrings on him or something to make him look a little more friendly. And at Christmas she could put on some pretty bell earrings or something!!!
Comeback tomorrow! I'll be finishing off the tour!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's another Cozy Home Tour

Ok, first off, are you sick of these home tours? If you are I can take it, besides I'm about out of people to bug to let me take pictures of their home. I guess really, I'm just out of relatives, but I could always bug neighbors or even complete strangers.

Today I'm showing off my little sisters home. Her hubby is a builder (how nice would that be). Actually with today's economy, not that great. My sister is also a great decorator, and she knows how to find a good bargain. She's good at seeing the possibilities in things.

My pictures do not do justice to her cute little girl's room. Paint color never looks the same in pictures as it does in real life. I love these daisies. And the candle on the far right, she decorated by putting little white brads into it.

She has these cute little butterflies and flowers all over the walls.

These letters show up better in real life. Ya like how she used the knobs to hang them, I guess it runs in the family!!!

I think she bought these cute little frames at IKEA and painted them, sooo cute!

I just loved this little sign

I Love this crib. She got it for a way good price too and then bedding is from pottery barn. I know, I told you she was bargain girl, she bought these off of Ebay, honest.

Aren't these cute. She bought the little wooden frames from a little wood store here in Utah. She used some cute scrapbook paper to line the back and then painted the cute little wooden letter.

This is the one she made for her little boys room!Didn't I tell you, she is way talented. She has blog too but is way busier then me so doesn't get time to update it like she would like. Drop by sometime and tell her what you think of her ideas, I know she would love it. She's over at Peas in a Pod on my blog roll or you can just click here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

{My Window Mistreatments}

The Nester is having a party! A window mistreatment party. These are not all my mistreatment's, I only wish I could take the credit for them. If you want to join the party go on over to the Nesters and join the club!

So here are the mistreatment's I did in my living room. I know the solid color is not that interesting, but with a colorful plaid couch you can only do so much. Someday if we get a new couch I'd like to add a fun coordinating fabric to the bottom with some fringe on the top or something.

I used ring clips and some cabinet knobs from Home Depot to hang them.

These are from my sisters house. I love how she used her ragamuffin.

My sisters house again. Isn't this idea clever! I think I might need to try this in my own room.

My sister n' laws home. These are in her laundry room/office.
My sister n' laws house, I love the colors in these These are in their music room.

These probably don't fit in the mistreatment category since I'm sure there was sewing involved, but how could I not show them off. They are beautiful. These are in my aunts home.

I don't think they would be that hard to make, just sewing straight lines. I love the three coordinating fabrics that she used!

And there you have it, some window mistreatment's for you viewing pleasure. Go on over to the Nesters to see more beautiful mistreatment's.