Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Birthday Boy!

Yesterday my sweet boy turned 6!

I swear this picture was taken just the other day, now you are so grown up.

You've always had a great head of hair. You get it from you dad (we call it a beaver pelt it's so thick.)

This was probably like your 3rd or 4th haircut, since your first was the day we brought you home from the hospital.

You pulled such a great Elvis face!

I can't believe your halfway through kindergarten, which you love, especially your teacher and especially when she wears her purple skirt!

You wanted a picture showing off your presents.

We let you pick your favorite meal and your chose, waffles with raspberry jam, cool-whip and orange Julius.

You are such a sweet boy. I absolutely adore you. You think about others before yourself. You have the sweetest smile. You truly appreciate things that people do for you. You've always had such a tender heart, which when you were 3 and 4 and constantly got your feelings hurt it drove me crazy, but now I love it. You radiate kindness. You have such a sweet disposition about you.

You do the funniest things. The other day I told you that you had a cute nose. The next thing I knew you were looking in the mirror admiring it. I told you that you needed to be more careful with your aim while going potty. Your told me it wasn't you that missed the toilet bowl, it was your shadow. I tried to be mad, but it was just to funny!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. We love you so much!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Cards for the Kids

At the last minute today I decided to make my kids valentines cards (my husband just loves it when I do that). This one is for my eight year old daughter!

And this one is for my 5 year old son.

There are some really fun digital kits out there to work with. This one here is from Shappy Princess, one of my favorite sites. They have some really fun free kits as well.

These one's here are from Shabby Miss Jenn.

Oh, if only I had all the time in the world, just think of all the lovely things I could make!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winner and Valentines T-Shirt Tutorial

The Winner of the Valentine Hearts is comment #17, Jenny!!! Congratulations Jenny, I hope you'll be able to use them for at least a few days!

This isn't much of a tutorial. I pretty much just used the same technique on this shirt as I have on all the other applique shirts that I've made. So if you want better directions just click on my side bar on one of the shirt tutorials.

Here are the hearts that I used. I almost feel silly posting them, since I'm sure your all very capable of making a heart, but maybe this will save you some if you want to make a valentine shirt for one of your kiddos. Just click on the heart picture for the actual size. I used the bigger hearts for my daughter shirt which is a size 7/8. The smaller size hearts are for maybe a 5T or smaller. (Ok, so I just clicked on the hearts and they were huge, sorry, maybe you can play around with them and get them a size you would like.)

Just a couple hints, first I sewed the ric rac on with a regular straight stitch and then I zig zagged over it. Also I started and stopped the ric rac where the pink heart touches the blue, then you don't have to worry about raw edges.

In other news, my baby is growing way to fast, but oh, he is so sweet and cute. He has become a thumb sucker and I don't care what people say, I think it's wonderful. It's so cute, and he is such a happy baby.

My twin sister is moving to Canada tomorrow. Currently she lives maybe 2 minutes from me. I'm soooooo sad. I don't think twins should move away from their other half, it just isn't right. It's funny, in High School we weren't that close and then for college she went to Ricks College in Idaho and I went to Snow College in Utah, probably 12 hours away from each other, and I could have cared less. But the last 6 years we have lived always within 20 minutes of each other and I've loved it. Our kids play together and our families hang out a lot together. I will miss her so much!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hanging Hearts Tutorial and a Giveaway

Ok, I'm feelin kinda guilty for getting you all excited by showing the pictures of those cute boxes. They are way cute arn't they. Well hopefully you'll like this little tutorial, and I promise it's very easy. You could get a a bunch done in time for Valentines Day.

I wanted to make some hearts out of this cute fabric by Moda. It's called Astor Manor by 3 Sisters. I'm lazy though and didn't want to have to use and stuffing. I used a product called Fast 2 fuse Heavyweight interfacing. It's about the thickness of felt and fusible on both sides. It's sold by the yard at fabric stores.

Make a heart the size you like out of some cardstock and then trace it onto the interfacing and cut out.

Choose a piece a fabric that is at least 1/2" bigger than the widest part of the heart.
Now you'll need to iron the fabric onto the heart. Since the heart is fusible on both sides use a piece of parchment paper on the bottom so it doesn't stick to your ironing board. (I just used paper, but the directions say parchment paper.)

Cut the fabric so that it is about 1/2" larger than the interfacing heart. I also cut a slit at the very top in the middle and I cut the bottom straight across.

Pressing as you go fold the fabric over onto the heart.

Make the other side the exact same way. Sandwich two ribbons in between the two hearts and press untill they adhere to the other. And last, sew around the heart using a 1/4" or smaller seam allowance.

Now hang them somewhere cute. You could even make a cute heart garland out of these. Maybe next year I'll do that.

I had some extra hearts left over so I thought I'd have a little giveaway. The giveaway will go until next Tuesday evening since Valentines is coming quick and I want to get them in the mail. So if your interested leave me a comment. If your REALLY interested and want two entries leave a comment letting me know your a follower because that makes me really happy. And for three entries blog about this little giveaway on your blog.

Have fun, and be sure to let me know if you make some of these Hanging Hearts for yourself. I'd love to see a picture!

Valentine Tutorial coming later today!

This isn't it! It's way cute though. You can find this here on etsy! Mine's pretty good too, so come back later today!