Monday, January 31, 2011

FREE Valentine Printable / Tutorial

Here is my newest tutorial! I'm really excited with how
it turned out. Hopefully you guys will like it as well. My
husband even thought it was cool so hopefully that is a good sign.

PLEASE excuse any formatting errors, blogger is messed up!

Supplies Needed
  • Free printables (page 1, page2) click to download
  • You may have to join this site to use it, but it's easy and free
  • let me know if you have problems, I can always e-mail it to you
  • sheet each of 12x12 red and brown cardstock
  • Old book you don't care about ruining
  • Stapler
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 3-4 Yards of red or brown ribbon (at least 1" wide)
  • Brown ink pad (optional)
  • Adhesive


  • Cut out all your hearts
    Use the ugly gray heart as your template for the cardstock hearts
  • You will need 4 red and three brown
  • Ink the edges of red hearts
    Glue printed hearts onto cardstock with adhesive


Get ready or a lot of folding

  • Cut your book pages so they are 3 inches wide
  • Start folding, I made my folds about 1/4"
  • Each round medallion will take 4 pages
  • Staple them together at the ends


  • Staple them together in a circle


  • Hold center together and glue with hot glue gun
  • Ink the edges and top of folds


  • Using a dvd as a template cut out 7 white circles
  • Cut to slits at the top and thread ribbon through
  • Using your glue gun, glue medallion onto white circle


  • Do this for all 7 medallions
  • Glue hearts on medallions
  • Once this is done, tack eacy medallion togethor with glue

Now you should have a beautiful valentine garland.
The hardest part of this is definitely the folding.
Let me know if you end up making one, I'd love to see it.
If you have a chance, I'd love it if you shared the link

to this on your blog.


Not my giveaway, but another good one.

My little giveaway/printable/valentine tutorial is coming
it really is. I worked on it all weekend, and now
I just need to get it finished up today. Don't give up
on me, I promise it will be up by tommorow.

But here is another giveaway.

The person doing this giveaway is an old roommate from college days. I love her blog, she is a very talented writer, and I know you would enjoy it. So click here, and go find out the details of her giveaway.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Freebie Coming

I've been working hard on Valentine Freebie for you all. So keep checking back, I'm hoping to get it done by Monday. In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek!
I'm just in love with vintage valentines lately!

This week........................

We all have a cold here at my house. My poor baby is miserable, but I love that he just wants to be cuddled.

Tuesday, my daughter came home from school with a bunch of walnuts.
She announced that she is starting a walnut collection, wonderful!

After failing miserably at my role of tooth fairy, I finally broke the news to my daughter
that the tooth fairy is really me and her dad.
She said, "I don't really care, as long as I get the money."

My facebook account got hacked into. Now everyone thinks I take diet pills
and I am recommending them to all of my friends.

Went and looked at our house. They messed up and put granite counter tops
in the kids bathroom. They called to see if it was ok if they just left it instead
of the laminate counter tops. I told them, I would be ok with that. :)
I love if when the mess-ups are in my favor.

Tonight I'm going out with some friends to celebrate birthdays. I'm so excited.
Being cooped up in a little 2 bedroom apartment definitely makes
me appreciate any opportunity to get out!

Hope all of you have had wonderful weeks!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Week in a Nutshell!

Monday - The boy's got haircuts
They were not happy, they wanted Aunt Shanna to cut it.
I told them soon we will be house poor, and that meant
me cutting their hair because I'm free.

Tuesday - Took the kids to McDonalds with Grandma. Maybe not the smartest idea since every other mom in town did the same thing.
Still enjoyed spending time with my mom though.

Wednesday - Sent the kids back to school.
While the baby was standing in the tub he peed.
He looked around trying to figure out where the noise was coming from.
It made me laugh.

Thurday - Went to Maddox for my Dad and Grandma's Birthday He said he's turning 45. I told him that meant he had me and my twin when he was 12. I love my Dad.
The food was so yummy.
Every time the waitor walked by, I thought he didn't smell very good.
After I realized it was my baby, now I feel bad.

Friday - Survived, went and looked at our home.
It looks like a baby house, next to all the others, but that's ok.

Today - Work on a project with this cute fabric
It's been hanging on the doornob
in my bedroom forever and is driving my husband crazy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you still there???

Wow, you know you've taken way too long of a blogging break when you can't remember how to login to your Blog Account. I never meant for it to be this long, it's just, you feel like when you've been away for this long you need a great excuse or like a grand re-blogging post or something.

I do have some really great excuses, but I'll spare you! I guess I better catch you up a little though.

That cozy little nest of ours.........................well, we sold it. Crazy I know, I'm still a little sick about it, but we've prayed a lot and so far things are falling into place. It was on the market a total of three weeks. I just have to say that for all the real estate agents that called and rudely told me to call them back when I was serious about selling our home (we did for sale by owner). Needless to say it sold and now we are in a little two bedroom apartment. We decided to build a new home a few blocks away from where we were. It will have a basement which will give us the room we need for our growing family.

Speaking of growing family, look how big my kids are getting. And my sweet baby.........he's almost walking. Sometimes I really wish I could slow things down.

As far as crafty stuff goes, I need to get my act together. It's just in a little two bedroom apartment, there isn't a whole lot of room to sew. We are set to close on February 15th, so hopefully I'll have my sewing area back by then.

I hope I haven't all my blogging friends, if you are still there, send me a line, I really have missed you.