Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Sweet, Beautiful Daughter!

I can't believe you are turning seven today. It seems like just the other day you were born. I had no idea how you would change my life forever. You had so much dark hair when you were born. In the hospital when the nurses would bring you too me, they always had fun little bows in your hair.

You were the sweetest little baby. I don't think I put you down for naps until you were like two because I just loved to snuggle with you on the couch, since you were my first I could.

You are such an adventurous little girl, your just like you dad. When you were little and I had young women's on Tuesday nights, your dad would put you in the backpack and take you hiking with him. You loved it, just like you still do.

Your such a little dare devil.Just a couple weeks ago, grandpa told me how when you went to the ropes course, that the instructor said you were the youngest little girl he'd ever seen do some of those activities, like climbing the 30 something foot pole.

I remember the day we took this picture, you did not want to sit still. You wanted to be climbing on the rocks in your new little dress. The first and only dress I've made you.

The day we took this picture you wanted to go sledding down the hill with our neighbors so bad. We didn't have a sled so dad let you use one of my cookie sheets.

Look at cool little you!!!

I have always loved this picture of you. You are so beautiful, I don't know how on earth me and your dad ended up with such a beautiful blond little girl.
I so wish I could stop time once in a while. You are growing up way too fast for me. I wish you could stay my sweet little girl forever sometimes.

Sometimes when I do your hair while your sitting in front of the mirror, I amazed at what a lucky mom I am to have such a sweet little girl.

I love it when 3:25 rolls around and I get to walk out side and watch you walk home from school. I love hearing about your day, and seeing all the hard work you've done that day at school.

I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father picked me to be your mom, I am soooo lucky. Do you think you could grow up just a little bit slower though? Thank you for being such a good big sister, and for helping so much with you little brothers. Thank you for picking up messes when they are not yours. I love you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


megan said...

You write the best tributes. She is such a good little girl! So pretty!

Rae said...

This is so touching! My Kenners turned 7 this year as well. Can you believe they'll be baptized next year?! I don't know how that is possible...it seems like she was just a little baby!

Amber M. said...

What a darling young lady you have! And how convenient that I have a brilliant and charming 7 year old son. But I'm not in any hurry for him to grow up either, so we make have to wait a while to finalize the "arrangement." :-)

Scrapper Mom said...

Oh. That was just the absolute sweetest post ever. She was such a cutie when she was a baby and even more now.

My dd (as you know) turned 10 this year. She would die if she knew I wrote this, but we bought her a bra a couple of weeks ago. I teased her about posting about it, but she threatened me!! (I wouldn't do that). Anyway, that just made me think that the years are so close to getting away from me with her. And my oldest....he will be a Senior when school starts. Now that makes me sad.

Great post...Happy Birthday to your daughter. We almost shared one, huh?

Nicol said...

How special! Yes, a very special Happy Birthday to her!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. She is such a beautiful little girl. Enjoy it while you can!


Kristi said...

What a sweet walk down memory lane! And, what a beautiful daughter you have!

Rachel said...

You wrote that so well! She is such a beautiful little girl. Still loving all that hair she had as a baby.
Wish my Addison had hair like that.


Hope she has a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

Blissful Nikki said...

Oh gosh! Im so scared!! Lagan is turning 7 in November! where did the time go??
Your daughter is just stunningly beautiful! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I did design it myself, from my other blog, expressive style graphics! :)

Jenny o said...

Happy birthday Mary! What a sweet, beautiful girl she is! I remember when you would bring her into ZCMI to see Shanna. She was just a baby. and I LOVED all of her dark hair. It is so fun that she has turned into a little blondie! You are such a sweet & fabulous mom!

Ruth said...

I can't believe my baby girl has her own beautiful 7 year old. You are both so lucky. A wonderful daughter for a wonderful mother. I am so proud and love you both so much. Happy Birthday my precious grandaughter - I love you!!! The only thing as wonderful as being a mom is being a grandmother.

WheresMyAngels said...

Happy Birthday to her!

She is so pretty! I love the hair styles!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Awww...cute pictures and HB!!

Mrs. Trixi said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. She is beautiful.

Marie said...

I'm sniffling after this post, Nicole. It was fun to see so many pictures of Mary as I remember her. :) Thanks for the reminder of how how fast the time goes, and what a blessing these kids are. Hope you had a great birthday, Mary!

Aubrey said...

I hope she had fun spending her birthday at our house--we had fun with her! She's such a pretty girl--it's funny how her hair and eyes were dark as a baby when they're so light now. I do wish i had her hair...

Kim said...

What beautiful pictures...sweet girl! Happy Birthday! She sounds like my Courtney..such a good helper!

Cathy said...

OK - I am a little late reading this post but I found your blog through Kimba's blog. I LOVE this tribute to your daughter. She is just beautiful. I am in tears here reading it! :) I have an almost 3 year old daughter and she is growing up way too fast also.
Enjoying your blog. I will be back!