Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Do you want to win this gorgeous chandelier, with a retail value of $179.99?

European Rustic Combines comfort and sophistication. The Misted Bronze is a mix of dark and russet browns that suggests warmth. The Champagne Seeded glass greates soft romantic glows.

  • Diameter: 23 1/4 " Height: 26 1/4"
  • Height with Chain 64 3/4"
  • Diameter of Glass: 5 1/16:
  • Diameter of Fitter 1 5/8"
  • Supplied with 144" of wire
  • Supplied with 36" of chain

Here's the scoop.........

My good friends are starting an Internet lighting company. They will be selling every kind of light you could imagine. The problem..... They are having a hard time thinking of a name. So they need your help.

1.For one entry into the drawing - Think up a great name (preferable one with the word "lighting" in it). Go to my comments and tell me what you've come up with.

2. For another entry - Go visit their website - or click here. Come back here, and tell them what you think. Do you like the design, is it user friendly? Give any advice you might have.

If you want to win 2 extra entries, post about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post.

You don't need a blog to enter, but if you don't have a blog, PLEASE leave me an e-mail address so I have a way to get in touch with you. Winner will have 48 hours to respond.

The winner will be picked next Friday at 5:00 p.m. Good luck!!!
Remember, to be entered into the drawing, you at the very least need to come up with a name. I'm getting lots of entries without that. Thanks!!!


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Jenny o said...

That is so pretty. It would look great in my dining room. Mine is terrible!!!

Smilingsal said...

How about "We'll Light Up Your Life"
I thought the site was user-friendly. The only suggestion I could make would be to create a space between the end of one pendant picture and the beginning of the next one.

joelandbecca said...

Ok, so I looked at the site and was thinking if the contact us info was more visible, or loaction of showroom...that would be the main thing that stood out to me. Oh, and maybe next to different lights on the home page a see all chandeliers, or see all ceiling fans, see all recessed lighting...does that make sense? I have been lurking here for a while and I love your blog! As for a name..."dynamic lighting" "all season lighting" "done right lighting" is that too hickish?!

Blissful Nikki said...

lol I have to admit, the first thing that came to my mind was "Bright Light!" from the grimlins! LOL But I think I would buy something from a store called "Lifestyle Lighting" :)

As for the website, I think its beautiful, but the writing is a little small and the dark background with white writing makes it a little hard to read. As a graphics/website designer, I would suggest maybe having your menu's on the left have a dark background, but have all the other writing be larger in black on white background. It just looks more professional, and allow the lighting to speak for it's self. :)

WheresMyAngels said...

For some reason "Well Lit" keeps coming to mine but then it would sound like a place that was not sober!! lol I'm going to have to think of some names. I agree with the comments about the Website. I think the pictures needed something between them, also it needs to stand out more. I think a color change would be good. I LOVED how you could click on a picture and then run your mouse over an item and it would show that part of the item close up. Never saw something like that before. Oh my BIL yelled out he thinks "Northern Lights" sounds good.

Scrapper Mom said...

How about this...."Lighten Up!"

I checked the site and I thought it looked fine. Oh, btw, I am posting about this giveaway just as soon as I publish this comment.

Yeah!!! I hope I win!!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

That is so pretty. They have great stuff. This is a random giveaway right? Neighbors aren't excluded?
My like the name Lighting for Life...

I am linking this in my Thursday post so enter me 2 more times!!!

rachel said...

Lightning electrics!or glass lightning! those are my only ideas for right this minute. Um, everything so far seems cool,they look like they will be a success!

megan said...

How about "Illuminations"?

Perfect post to add to my self declared "home week".

megan said...

Or "Luminescent" or "Radiant" since I am on a synonym kick.
I think the website is too dark. My eyes dance from the white writing to the pictures. I'd rather be drawn to the pictures and not have the competition.

DeEtta said...

"Lights with Attitude". I site was user friendly but everything was crunched a little too much. More space between pictures and description.

ohsandohs said...

I like the wide variety of lighting choices offered and the selection is great. (Since I've been looking for a well-priced chandelier, I'm thrilled to have a new site to explore as well!) However, the site seems crowded, visually "busy" and maybe a little bit hodge-podge, for lack of a better word. At the left of the board, where I think the search bar was along with some logos or buttons and the credit card logos - that seems uneven and pushed up and into the top of the screen.

I actually love the existing name, but the bright yellow header against the dark gray reminds me of a bumblebee or even a AAA tow truck (at least in California, they're that bright yellow, LOL!) The light lettering is a bit harder to read against the dark background.

Color choices are personal, but my feeling is a soft neutral such as a warm mushroomy light brown or a light sagey-green contrasted with black lettering would be more calming and suggest timeless elegance. But maybe there also needs to be some soft cream to lighten things up. I think the colors used in the home of Mrs. Wilt of "The Sparrow's Nest" perfectly illustrate what I'm trying to describe. (The blog just moved to either blogger or blogspot, but the typepad blog houses most of the photos of their home, with this selection of colors throughout.)

For a name suggestion, how about "Glowing Reviews", "Let There Be Light", or "Light It Up". (Apologies to previous commenters if these sound close to some of your suggestions, but I actually had to think of some new ones since great minds think alike, LOL!)

Good luck to your friends with the new business!


Michelle (essiesthebest @ yahoo dot ca )

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I think it's great...very inviting and nice look.

Anonymous said...

Hello :O) I wanted to stop by and thank you for keeping my son in prayer and stopping by my blog :O) it means soo much to me to have folks praying for us!!
Shayne Louree

sassy seamstress said...

still loving all the pics...oh, and i saw the dress on your daughter that was like the one I made.

Nicole said...

This entry is for Sara, it wouldn't let her comment.
Bright Ideas Lighting and Interiors

Anonymous said...

OKay... Here's one, "Lighting Up".
I could soooooooooo use this!
Please enter moi...

Tara said...

Boy I am terrible with coming up names lol

"Elegant Lighting" ?
"Soft Glow" ?

lol sorry I tried!!!

Chic Shopper Chick said...

What about "The Light Stuff" for an idea? We have a horribly ugly gold plated sad looking fixture over our dining room table and we could SO use this to replace it with. Thanks SO much for a great giveaway -- here's hoping I win!

Qtpies7 said...

My idea is taken, lol. I was thinking of a variation on You light up my life. Great minds, I tell you.
I think the sight is user friendly, but the background that the words and pictures on needs to be a bit lighter, in my opinion.

Sarah said...

"Lighting the World, One Sale at a Time" or just simply "Lighting the World"

Seeryus Mama said...

How about Lighting Up Your Living

or Love the Lighting

eh, i dunno!

silverhartgirl said...

I like the search box, I think every online store should have one.
The has some very night lights. I thought their site was easy to use.

twintoo10292 said...

Lightin' Up. Twin

Emily B said...

Name... HomeLight
Website comment.. I don't like the dark grey background with white text, I find it hard to read after a while, but otherwise the site is easy to navigate. Some of the pictures of white lights on a white background (ie under bathroom lights) make it hard to see the light fixture - try a coloured wall maybe?
Thanks for the contest!
ebickell [at]

Tuesday Girl said...

How about "light Up your life"?

I am not crazy about the background color, it is a little hard to read.


Jen said...

I am not good at the name game either. Here are my somewhat corny suggestions.
Lighten up
Light Touch
The Light Touch
Light up your life
The Utah Light Company
Central Lights (Northwestern Lights, but they are not really North West)
The Lighting Company

The website is friendly. I think it looks nice, but maybe making it really simple to see all that they offer. From the start page it is difficult unless you click around to know that they offer a lot of different choices of lighting.

Tiffany said...

Happy Lighting or Lighting Internet Style.

Tiffany said...

the website is very well done. i am not a big website judge. i thnk its well done, it may need to be a little easier to navigate. the desing is great.

Wehaf said...

How about Mod Lighting?

urchiken at gmail dot com

queenoftheclick said...

My ideas for name:

Radiant Lights

Beaming Bright

All Lights - we got everything here

I like the hierarchy of the site (the way the site links), yet the homepage needs work because that's where you are going to get your customers

Things I might change:

- There is too much text on the first page

- The top left hand corner is the spot where people look first. Move those links to the bottom

- Move up the picture of the kitchen (get rid of the word welcome)

- On the left put the Links - Lighting, Mirrors, Fans, Vanities, Cabinets (see Home Depots site

Good Luck with your new business :)

layla said...

Oh, this is just beautiful. I checked out the website. Some of the writing is a little small and I'd like to see more space between the pictures and the descriptions. How about Sophisticated Lighting or Sensational Lighting? Too cheesy?

Pamela Kramer said...

I came by from the carnival but got lost in your playlist! Love it.

TXsunlover said...

I'm not very creative at all (as you can see):
Light Delights
Light Bytes
Light & Shiny
The Right Light
White Light

Good Luck with the name and thanks for the chance to enter this awesome giveaway!!

proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

Jenni Saake said...

What about "Illuminations" or "Illuminated Lighting" or "Illuminated Designs"?

I visited the site and the products are pretty, but as for helpful feedback, I personally found the white on black pretty hard on my eyes when trying to read anything.

InnerBeauty AT AffordableMineralMakeup DOT com

Katy said...

I would LOVE to win!!!! Wow! What a great prize!

Let's see...a name....

"Linking to Lighting" (since it is on the net)
"Lighting The Way"

I wish them the best with their store! :)

Rebecca said...

How about On-Light or On-Line Lighting?

Dixie said...

How about "Enlighten Me"
0r "The Outer Glow"

good book-A Thousand Splendid Suns

robin_titan said...

hmm I'm not very creative but I'll try how shot "need a light?" but maybe people will really confuse that for a cigareette company or maybe not i hope not well that's the best I could come up with. I went to their site and I also think their site is user friendly

Lc_intocable at

Margaret said...

For a name...The Lighting House? Some of the others i thought of were already mentioned.
As for the site, much of the text is too small. Is that their logo in the top left corner? It looks washed out or faded or something. I don't think the site is bad, it just needs some personality. The owners should put more of themselves into it.

Parker Family said...

That is so pretty. Hmm....names. Thats a little harder. How about "Don't Turn Out The Lights." "N-Lighten Your Life." "Let There Be Light!" "On & Off" or "On 'N' Off." Names are such a hard thing to come up with! Hopefully they'll find something in here that they like. Thanks for the great giveaway fellow Utah'n. :) trishblack(at)juno(dot)com

Parker Family said...

I went to their site, and my first impression was the front page was too cluttered. There were too many words there. I think it's fine to showcase some of the products, but just show the picture, and maybe the name. Then when you click on that, you get all the details etc. It's too overwhelming to give it all at once. Also, I would suggest having the different categories on the left hand side, or in a bigger font size, since I didn't see those right away. I had to look around. Also have "Contact Us" in a very noticable place. That makes them seem like they are very customer service oriented, and willing to talk with the customer. Hope this helps! trishblack(at)juno(dot)com

toohotforturtle said...

How about "Lighten Up" or "Light the Way" or even "Light in the dark"

Thanks for the giveaway

aSprinkling said...

I don't know what the association is between the new company and the link you gave, but what about sticking with a similar name - Finishing Touch Lighting? As for the website, I don't like the main lighting page at all. It's really hard to figure out what you want. I would suggest limiting the choices on the main page - like "companies", "interior", and "exterior". Then, a sidebar could be added with all the individual options. Also, a sidebar would make the navigation much easier once you go to one of the pages. You could quickly move to a different section.

toohotforturtle said...

Ok..checked out the web site...Great selection on the site, but some of the pages look a little too cluttered. For example, the home page has so much on it it makes the writing too small. Maybe limit the items or descriptions. Also, when you click on the Categories and the pics come up, I don't really like the line graphics between products. The site is very user friendly and love that you can mouse over products for a closer look. Great jobs guys and good luck

Memarie Lane said...

Luminous Lighting
Lighting for Lovers
Inviting Lighting

hazel said...

How about ... The Light Site, could be easy to remember!

Andrea said...

I would use this in my dining room for sure. We are planning on updating. Please enter me.

How about "Lightning up the world"
and under it in small words "one light fixture at a time"

Andrea said...

Second entry:

I think the site would look better if it was lighter. It looks so dark for a light website.

Andrea said...

Third entry:

I blogged about your contest here:

drala said...

How about Lights on, nobody's home!

That would be catchy for a light company. Good luck with the venture. Thanks for the chance.

Cristina said...

How about:
Lighting The Way
Lighting Your Way
Lights Are On
Illuminating Lightings
Inside Sunlight
The Light Within

Website seems user friendly. I'd probably change the background color to something less dark, the dark grey is to "dark" compared to the light colored item photos. I'd also change the color of the help button since it blends too easily with the banner.

Wishing them the best of luck!

sphinx63 said...

How about Creative Lighting?

The website is really nice. I had no trouble looking around.

Lynnhome said...

The name I would suggest, is "A Light Breeze"

Also, the pictures on the web site look a bit dark!

Hope I win!

Gina said...

How about "Follow the lighting" or "Bright Lighting".. I'm really bad at this I know lol....

I went to their website looks like they have some really great products, I would however since it is a lighting company, make the webpage look a little brighter and cheerful.

Thanks for the entry.

Boy & Girl said...

Oh it's so perfect. I've been searching for a dining room chandelier forever!

How about Simply Lit?

I love the site and that the pics. are the main feature. Maybe just add the contact us up at the top instead of the bottom.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Jill said...

How about:

Light House Lane
Light Source
Lighting Ways
Avenue of Lights

Jill said...

I'd have the header cleared up, it's too low of a resolution and comes across as cheesy. The left column is a bit distracting on search pages but other than that I think it looks nice!

Kathleen @ Katydid and Kid said...

What about "And Then there was Light" or is that too biblical?
Or "Switches and Bulbs"
or "A Light in the Window"
or "Under a Basket" from the childrens song "This Little Light of Mine"
or something simple like "Cozy Glow"
or "EnLIGHTenment"

The photos of the merchandise are great...nice, clear close-ups but overall, the design of the site needs a little more pizazz. It's pretty easy to navigate though.

aahcoffee said...

How about "Casa de Luz" (House of Light) or "Luz Bella" (Beautiful Light) "Luz Brillante" (Brilliant Light)

Their site is user-friendly, but a bit dark...maybe a lighter background, and larger brighter photos.


Courtney said...

That is so gorgeous!! My parents are building a new house and that would look awesome in my bedroom. :)

I thought of a name and then I saw it several times in the comments, but I'll say it too - Light Up Your Life.

I also looked at their website. The small white text is extremely hard to read and it's hard on the eyes.

Tina said...

I wish your friends the best of luck. I did notice on the site that there is a typo in the 50% clearance line. Please remind them that spelling/grammar really does count because people notice if you're messy. That said, I think the site it pretty easy to use, although not really all that attractive - and for me, looks count, although not as much as ease of use. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

CrystalGB said...

What a lovely chandelier.
How about Illuminating Designs.
I looked at the website. I thought it was crisp and classy.

Nicol said...

How about Sophisticated Lighting or Classy Lighting?

The site is good, but not very attractive from the first look. Maybe once they have a name they can spruce things up a bit there.

I would love this light!!!

PS said...

Designed by Light.
What a great chandelier!
Are you going to have a list of their favorite names once you get everyones comments?

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful! I would say "Lights of Destiny" or "Aura of Lights".Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kathleen @ Katydid and Kid said...

I've already commented a few posts back, but I thought of another name:


Mona said...

How about one of these:
Lighting up your life
Lights in action
Bright lights
Brighten up with light
Enlightened lighting
Lights for a modern life
Well I hope these help!!
monakarif at gmail dot com

Branson Family Man said...

I'm the one building the house...haha

How about "Light of my Life" or "You Light up my Life".

Thanks for the giveaway.....

Check mine out also.....

Anonymous said...

For a name
Lights R Us,Light City
This is a very pretty light fixture. Thanks for offering.

Anonymous said...

Yes their site is user friendly. I like that the price is very visible. So many sights you have to click on an item to get a price.

Anonymous said...

Love Lights!


EG said...

Boy could we use some improved lighting fixtures in my house!

Okay, a name for an internet lighting company. I kind of think I'd use their name "Smith Lighting" or their hometown "Appamatox Lighting". (Like how I'm making things up for them?) As long as it sounds good and professional (not cute!) and people can spell it.

Yes, I liked their website. Could be more aesthetically pleasing, but I thought it was well organized.

Amberlee said...

Here is my "bright idea" how about
N'Lighting I
Inviting Lighting
Night Light
D-Light Lighting
I really need to replace my gold brass light fixture in my dining room. Yes, it is bras... and that is the truth and nothing but the truth. Sad eh.

torinem said...

Illuminations Lighting

Kimberly said...

How about "FireFly" or "Lightning Bug"? I don't know. I'm in dire need of coffee and my brain is not working. HA!!!

I love the picture of the kitchen on their site. Talk about a dream kitchen!!!

The site is user friendly. Lots of great goodies!!!

I love this!!!!! It would look wonderful in my dining room.

Please thank them for a very generous giveaway.

Karen said...

"The Light Side"

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I love the site, I think its very easy to use. Love what's offered, including this chandelier.

As far as a name, what about something simple, like "Lighting Life" or perhaps it could include their name, like "Miller Lighting" or an abbreviation of their names to make the name "ABC Lighting"?

purehrt555 said...

Light at the end of the Tunnel

White Light

Grease Lighting

Cheezy I know, but best I could do


Preppy Mommy said...

I love this chandelier. I am looking for one like that right now. What about the name, Lighting the Way? or Light at the end of the Tunnel? for an extra entry, I went to their site. I think it's pretty user friendly and can't think of anything right now. Thanks for the chance to win. Visit mine at

We are THAT Family said...

Love the site.

How about Illuminate Me?
Light up My life?

buzzd said...

How about Lighting The Way. Thanks for the contest!

jsc123 said...

How Gorgeous !!
How about De-Lightful Innovations.
Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
I would LOVE to win !!

Mechelle said...

How about Simply Illuminating


Lighting Your World
(One room at a time)

This is a gorgeous prize!

((hugs)) Mechelle

paula h said...

De-light-ful Lighting
Lighting Emporium
Lighting Solutions

I found the site easy to use. I would consider cahnging the colors, especially on the Home page. The gray is too drab.

Mechelle said...

Wow their site is just gorgeous and very user friendly~ I found many things I wanted right away! LOL
Thank you for sharing their beautiful store with us.

I really loved this:

Luvkids334 said...

OMGOsh that chandelier is GORGEOUS !!

How about Celestial Lighting

Maggie said...

The chandelier is beautiful! How about Inspired Lighting? The website is very user friendly, but I would suggest increasing the font size. Something to make it easier to read.

Mommyton said...

How about Lite Up My Life? Love their site!

Mommyton said...

There site is beutiful and user friendly! ktonquest32 at aol dot com

Debra said...

how about Lightalicious ?

I love the fact that The Finishing Touch web site loaded so fast for me on dial up!

jepnet said...

Regarding names, I have a few: Enlightenment
Hearth & Home Lighting
Joie De Vivre
Heirloom Lighting
I always spend time on websites that are laid out like a book. If there is an inviting cover (homepage) followed by a table of contents(category links) and great content(related products)I am more apt to stay and spend money.
I wish your friends success in their new business.

julie said...

i like illumination even though it doesn't have light in it

Marcia said...

I think the website is alright. I'd rather something a little lighter and warm since it's for home products and blue is a cold color.

As for the name,

Luminescent Elegance
Elegant Illuminations
The Right Lighting
Lighting Illusions

ShortOne said...

Oh, I love it & would love to win. How about - Light Of The Net, Light Up The Net, Lighting Up the Net??

ShortOne said...

The site - oh, this was supposed to be about the website itself, but for another name how about The Lite Site?

Ok now to the site - It did appear to be easy to use, the only suggestion I have for changes is the background color, the text on the gray background was not the most pleasant to look at. Everything else was great and it appears they have some great merchandise.

will be linking to you on my blog now.

Katrina said...

I like the website, it seems very user friendly and the pictures all stand out well.
As far as a name, I am so not creative! How about something like "Lighting life" or "Up in Lights"
Good luck!

Peggie said...

Before I comment on the contest, I need to tell you that I have been trying hard to comment and have lost it many times already. Your settings do not like anything but blogger ID and I do not use my blogger ID any more. I may have to to comment, since I have lost my long comments about Finishing touches so many times already.

Now, I will try again!

I love their products and wondered about Finishing touches lighting with a byline of we brighten your world.

There products are sophisticated but the site seems lower end looking. The colors and design do not do it justice. The pictures are great and load fast which is a real plus.

peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

Ginny said...

What about Finish Touch Lighting

Ginny said...

Nice site, I'd move the about us to the top. Maybe use a lighter color, like neutrals instead of the black.

That is a gorgeous light by the way, I'd love to win it!

Crayl said...

Someone else said ti first, but I love "Lighten Up". Some of the web site's contrast in fonts/background make it hard on the eyes. :) Nice though.

Blessings Abound said...

what about Lighting It Up Your Way? Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful piece!

Sharon said...

Lightening Strikes, Lightening Accessories, Lightening Affair, Lights action, Thanks for the giveaway

Huguette said...

'Light the way' or 'Lighting Decor'.

Site is easy to use and nice pictures :)

Please enter me if it's open to Canadians.

quitecontrary1977 said...

it is hard to make up a name! The Lighting Bugs Company

KJ said...

I love the pendant with 3 their site.

The Right Light

Thanks for including me AND for your generosity!

kjmt42 [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

quitecontrary1977 said...

the website looks very professional. i'd put more pics on the main page.

quitecontrary1977 said...

and i blogged about your giveaway here:

Jacqueline in Atlanta said...

How about:

Great Lights
Lighting Solutions

I think bigger photos on the site, fewer per page. They should reach out a grab the viewer, rather than the viewer having the squint at them.

Thanks for having the Giveaway!

Scary Mommy said...

Struck By Light?
Let there be Light

Man, this is hard.

Miss Blondie said...

Oh this ligt would go great in my dining room. I need a new one mine is so dim. So for a name how about, "Global Lighting"

Deb said...

How about "The Light of your Life"

I'd love to win that chandelier! It is just gorgeous.

pierce said...

How about "Lighting Appeal"?

I visited the site, I think it should be in a lighter tone and the words on the links should be a little bigger.

Happy bloggin! Have a nice August.

Pastor Steve said...

How about Lighting the World? I think they need an intro page that tells about heir company and then from there you could go to products. They need to "lighten" up the color scheme also. Thanks for the chance to win.

Alaina said...

Thinking up business names is soo hard! How about:
Lighting Designs or
Lighting Answers or
Everyday Lighting

I think the website is great overall but I'm not crazy about the dark background and white font.

alainamj (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

swinger of birches said...

How about 'Lighting the World'? I'm not good with names but I gave it a shot!

Sarah Z said...

Lighting Essentials, Lighting Up Your Life, Lighting Styles - I don't feel very creative right now!

Thank you!

Carrie said...

My idea is "light it up" or "Lighten up" It is a beautiful piece..I've never owned a chandilier. youthpastor(at)juno(dot)com

Carrie said...

I think the light is beautiful! I think it would look great in my entryway! I went to the website and my opinion is that the main picture doesn't "show off" lighting. I had to strain to find the lights. Other than that the site looks nice. How about "Let There Be Light". Anyway, thanks for the offer!

misty said...

How about Brighter than the sky Lighting. lol. I dunno.

Their site is great, but they could showcase the lights a little more.

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Charlotte said...

How about "Wanna Light?"

It seems like the website is a little busy. The contact info should be easy to find, as well as the help button (help button was difficult to see on my computer). Also, under "lighting" the lines around the categories seems to be distracting.

danandmarsh said...

Vintage Lighting!
This is gorgous

Anonymous said...

The chandelier is gorgeous! I visited the site and I would suggest less wording on the front page. Photos of the beautiful lights that link to the page where the full description is...less is more. It's like information overload.

A name...the family name plus the word lighting.

I posted about the contest here:

Tracye said...

Hubs and I both thought,

"Bright Ideas," or "Bright Ideas Lighting."

I think the backgroud of the site needs to be light, and the writing dark, and the writing should be larger.

It's a beautiful chandelier

Crazy Daisy said...

How about something like "Light up your life", Or "Brighten your Space"

As for the website... I would suggest not having white text. At least for me, it is hard to read. Also be sure to check the site on various computers and browsers, as it will look different.

Wendy said...

How about

I think the website needs a more dynamic logo at the top left blending into the main heading. That is the first thing you see and it needs to catch your eye right away.

The Help menu at the top right is unreadable. I wanted to find out what it was so I hovered over it and discovered that it was Help. I would definitely fix that.

The navigation system is very good. The large view of the pictures is definitely a plus. I also like the shopping cart with the shipping calculator feature.


World's Greatest Mommy said...

Kind of cheesy, but

The "Illumi"Nation.

Okay, I know it's bad. Sorry it's the best I could do. The chandelier is gorgeous.

Susanne said...

How about this one:

"And There Was Light"

doozercries said...

i like the name " Illuminations" i think that is how it's spelled. i like it simple and sweet. ;0

doozercries said...

the color scheme for the website is a bit too dark. and the colors of yellow and dark grey make it hard to read the lettering. the site is user friendly. maybe the subs could be a little larger and more to the left instead of the right. thank you

Ebie said...

Light My World,
Light Up My Life
The Light of My World

i know, corny, but they have the word "light" in them

Kathleen said...

I didn't read through the other comments so I don't know if these have been mentioned, and ... maybe they evoke the wrong images, but I'm a little punchy so ... Lighting Storm or maybe Lighting Strikes! Hehe, told you I was punchy.

It is a lovely chandelier though and I have just the place for it, best of luck to your friends and thanks for the giveaway!

Tabby said...

How about, A Light Touch. Maybe A Touch of Light? Yeah, real original.

A glance at my world said...

How about "Light of my life" or "The lights of my life"

jnmacdonald said...

We currently don't have a chandelier in the dining room so I'm crossing my fingers.
Illuminating Lighting
Lighting Your Way

Cathi said...

This chandelier is gorgeous. It belongs in my foyer!!
I love the website and I'm under the inpression that they are located in Utah. If so, I like the name, Wasatch Lighting or Wasatch Mountain Lighting.

CanCan said...

How about "Dee Lighting" (haha!) "Moon Lighting", "Mood Lighting", "EnLighting", INVITING LIGHTING!

:) This is a fun game!

onlycancan at hotmail dot com

SusieQ19 said...

How about "Lighting one life at a time" Thanks for the super giveaway!
lilgirl_3_4 at yahoo dot com

family said...

Very pretty chandelier
How about "Light Bright" for a name. Sounds good to me.


bigfamily8 (at) yahoo (dot) com

ShaunJoy said...

How about Bright Ideas?


Kari said...

Homestead Internet Lighting Company
Utah Online Lighting Company
Utah Lighting Abode
Utah Internet Lighting Shoppe
Aurora Internet Lighting Company

I'm not too good at these kind of things, but, I would love to enter your giveaway. The chandelier is beautiful! They have a great selection on their website and it does seem pretty user-friendly. Thanks!

Janet said...

Lighting for Living

Anonymous said...

"You light up my life"

The Pink Potpourri said...

i love this giveaway! awesome! hope i win! how about "brightening your way to a lighter life" :) well, it makes sense to me!

The Pink Potpourri said...

second entry...i visited their website, and it looks great! altough its odd to have a dark, grey background when your business is lighting. lighten up the back!

stephanie said...

Oh how I love that chandelier....I am seriously drooling right now. I would save it for our house we are building in the mountains in 2 years! As for the sight..I suggest making the menu on the top right a bit more gets lots a little. And maybe having drop downs with the categories under each main category. Name? Lights R Us? LOL too lame. How about, "Lighting the Way" or something like that...

p.s. I am sharing your giveaway on my Free on Friday post today!

Peggy said...

"Lighting the Way" is my name
Count me in to this awesome giveaway

LeeAnn said...

Dream Home Lighting!
(everyone wants a dream home!)
What pretty lighting. I love the website!
Tell them good luck on their venture.
Enter me! LOL. I love that light!

Melissa M. said...

1. Just an idea:
Charming Elegance Lighting

2. I went to their site. I think the top banner is rather unprofessional, with bad-quality lettering. It's not very easy to use the site, as the links and font are small and the pages are cluttered. The white text against the black background is somewhat too stark, making the words almost glare and hard to read. There are definitely some nice products, there, though.


Heidi Zawisza said...

"Bright Lights"?? Great giveaway!!
I will blog about this on my blog!

Playful Professional said...

Lovely Lighting!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Oh This would look fabulous in our dinning room! Our 1970's flying saucer looking fixture just has to go!

"An Enlightened Home"

I think the gray is too doesn't say beautiful light. For aesthetics something a bit more cheerful. The site itself is easy enough to navigate. My two cents :o)
jewelrybycanela at

Jennifer said...

How about "Lighting Up"

Josie said...

How about: Lighting the Way

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

My suggestion:
Epiphany Lighting

I think they have a good start on their website, but it needs tweaked here and there. Not quite professional enough looking just yet, but well on it's way. I wish them much success!

MilkMaid said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mrs. Trixi said...

Ok, that is a great light and I so want to win it..... Here is my title, Lighting up your world one light at a time. I know, it's probably stupid but I thought it was cute. I would go to a blog/shop with that name.LOL

Mrs. Trixi said...

I went to the site and it is great. The only change I might suggest is in coloring. It is a little drab and considering your audience will mainly be women. I might punch the coloring up a little. Other than that, it is very user friendly.

The Random Muse said...

they have some really nice stuff.
How about "Light of your Life" - old saying with a twist.

cmartin0055 said...

lighting up your house inc.?


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. Count me in, please.

Sheila said...

What do I think of their website:
Looks clean and attractive. Easy to navigate. Lovely products.

Sheila said...

A possible name: Beautiful Home Lighting.

LuckyCat said...

How about "Designer Lighting".
The website was easy to navigate. I didn't care for the photo on the front page. I would make it more classy...kind of has a Home depot feel.
Love the chandelier you are giving away & have a perfect spot for it.

Cassie said...

This is AMAZING! YOU'RE amazing!

I like Illumination Lighting! or Light up your Life!

irrelevantheart (at) gmail (dot) com !! Thank you!

Just_Kelly said...

Just Right Light(ing)!

janetfaye said...

Innovative Lighting
Essential Lighting
Lighting Emporium

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

The white background is to bright, it makes it hard on my eyes to read the black print.

I don't care for the gray around border, it is dull looking and manly looking.

It loads fast and it is easy to navigate.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I blogged your giveaway.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Still Learning said...

1. Light Of The World

2. Light Up Your World

3. Lighting Up Your World

4. Homestyle Lighting

I would also try to make the site more warmer feeling. Like a home. A place you would want to stay at for awhile.

twin6045 said...

"We Light The Way" Good Luck to your friends :o)

Missy said...

Radiant Lighting
Sophisticated Lighting
Sophisticated Radiance
Lighting Elegance
Elegant Lighting

Overall, the site is great. Needs some color. Also, I like your subcategories, but it would be helpful to list them in the sidebar when you open a certain category (see - I've been shopping around for lights a lot lately and I really like their website). I like to be able to compare different items - did you have that feature? Lastly, when I clicked on Mirrors, the page opened with candles at the top. Love to give more suggestions if you want them.
I would love this chandelier - hopefully I'll win!

Molly C. said...

Wow! What a gorgeous light! How about Starlight or Starbright Lighting?

Audra Marie said...

Luxurious Lighting co.
The Sophisticated Lighting Co.

I think the name needs to reflect the beauty and elegance of the items they are selling. Gorgeous lights, mirrors, etc. :)

I also thought the clean and simple look of the site showcased the pieces beautifully. It's easy to navigate and I enjoyed browsing. Wish they had the about me page done lol. :)

Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway! :)


H. Slaton said...

LOVE the giveaway...

how about "The Light House",(catch phrase)- we light the/your way


"The Light" (catch phrase)- come into "the light" ; Walk into "the light"; "the light" leading your way home


"Light Source" we light up your home without lighting up your wallet/pocket

"Living and Lighting" all your lighting needs for the life you live

OR "Life Light" light up your life

OR "Bright Vision Lighting"

OR "Focus Lighting" we bring your home into focus

(I am on a roll now..)

OR "SonLight" HE lights our life and we light your home

OR "budget lighting"

OR "Savvy Lighting"

OR "All-inclusive lighting"

OR " E-Lighting" all your ligting needs at your fingertips

OR "Web-Lighting"

OR "Standard lighting" we set the standard

OR "picturesque lighting"

OR "Hollywood lighting"

OR "In lights"

OR "Global lighting"

whew...tired of thinking- but hope I win!

Anonymous said...

My name suggestion is: Seeing the Light

My website comments: I like the category breakdowns and I think they did a great job with the photos. They show the lighting very well and with enough detail to make a decision. The only thing I didn't like is that the first thing I saw when I went to the site was a comment about Want a Better Price? or something like that. That put me off a little bit because it starts me thinking that prices are padded or a little higher than they could be. I think it's fine to have that on your site but not in such a prominent spot where it may offend regular customers.

H. Slaton said...

Ok Ok, I know I said I was done bt once my mind gets going it is hard to stop it!

What about.......................
(drumroll please)

"The Lighting Spot"



I have also checked out the site and it is very user friendly and has good pictures!

danandmarsh said...

Here I posted about the giveaway:
do I have the right end date?

Also thought of another name:
Beauty Lighting
Mystic Lighting

Sherry said...

is the contest for international?

deelong said...

Very romantic and beautiful old century look. I think "Changing Season's Lighting" would make a elegant name for a new company. Something people would remember easily when telling their family or friends where they purchased their new lighting addition. :)

Kimba said...

What a great giveaway! I have a fantastic spot for it in the new house! As far as a name, how about Lifestyle Lighting or Landmark Lighting.

Kimba said...

I looked around their site and I do think it's very user friendly. The navigation is simple and easy to understand.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I made a link about your contest on my blog:
Email: saffires at

I would suggest on the website: make some text changes, so that different paragraphs are clearly distinguished from each other, i.e., perhaps of different colors and styles that easily draw the eye to each one.
The link bar on the left could be made a little more stylish/smooth.
What also stood out is the text describing the lights is distracting from the images and makes the page look disorganized. Instead of giving all the info about each light on the main page, it would probably help to make the photos larger on the main page, with just the titles, then when clicked on give more details. For a professional-looking page, the "little details" like fonts make a big difference. I hope this helps!
For a store name, maybe Delighted. :-) That would be fun to make logos for.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi! I just found your post:) Love the chandelier that is to be given away. As far as a name goes I think "The Light House" would be an easy name to remember, I think you have to consider that in internet selling, I know I would have no trouble remembering the name should I need new lighting:) I would love to win the chandelier because it seems to be able to go with any decor someone might have.
I liked the site but maybe the catagories could be listed differently. I am going to post this on my blog, sure hope to win, what a wonderful prize!

Brenda said...

How about "Light It Up"? Great giveaway. Thanks!
Here's the link on my blog:

Brenda said...

Just visited their was easy to navigate, but lacked color. The all silver & white color palette seems too sterile. And I agree that the spacing seems crowded.
Lovely products!

M&M said...

vintage lighting

Ronda's Rants said...

"Light's On!"
With the exclamation point!
I love the light...I would leave it on all the time!

My2Gs said...

I'm going to go with: "Light your path." as in Psalm 119:105
[ n Nun ] Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Psalm 119:104-106

I think that the website could use some more color or a beautiful header.

~ Lacie

M&M said...

i would love to see more color and maybe something "flashy" to catch your eye... like an flash video. i love the pic in the front, beautiful kitchen but i had to squint to see the equally beautiful lights!other than that i love the way the lights are categorized...

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Nicole, just wanted to let you know that I posted about your giveaway on my blog, stop by to see:)

Stacey said...

OK..I am never good at the naming game! I am pregnant with #3 and having a terrible time deciding! :)

My idea was "Porchlight" and the reason I say that is because a porchlight is inviting and gives the idea of comfort in a home?

Good Luck!

Erin said...

How about Utah Lights, Utah Radiance?

I didn't love the site the visual appeal was a little blah. I didn't like the gray and the white and the picture of the kitchen on the front page seemed generic it didn't speak "light store" to me. I'd love to see a picture of a light fixture as the main image.

and I'll be linking this for more chances!

Rita said...

How about "Lighting for Life"
Thank you for the chance to enter the contest.

Lauren said...

Lighting Bug (with a cute little insect logo)
See The Light

Lauren7562 at aol dot com

simple~needs said...

they could use TOL for the abbreviation


(since they also sell hardware, cabinets)


as far as the website. there needs to be more of a space between the desciptions and the next item.
etc, on the first page, the pics and descriptions almost run togehter.

maybe add a frequent customer incentive

the lights and mirrors with the brushed silver finishes are difficult to see on the white background.

pick a warmer color than the light gray side bar. i like the gray so, dont get me wrong, its just too light.

thanks for the opportunity to express our opinions. :)

Amber Kay said...

How about: "Turn us On!"

Get your mind out of the gutter! ;o)

Emily said...

Lovely Lighting.

Simple and it's an alliteration which I love. Great giveaway! Best of luck to your friends!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Great giveaway! How about Utah Lighting Co. or A Warm Glow? I will think about it some more and get back to you!

Cricket said...

Love it--it's beautiful. How about "And then there was light"? Not sure if anyone said that already

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