Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Cards, An Awesome Trellis and An Award!

I finally finished my cards for the card swap. For all you swappers out there, I'm mailing off your cards today! Sorry it took so long, I had some people drop out so I was scrambling to hurry and make some more. My sweet friend Megan, who works at the coolest scrapbook store and was sweet enough to help me out by making an extra set of cards.

These are money holder cards. I found the design out of the Stampin Up Catalog, and I used some of my Close to my heart paper. Hmmm, Stampin Up probably wouldn' t appreciate that. I was really happy with how they turned out though. Next time I will make them a little bigger, It's a little hard to get the part you put the money in out.

This is a totally random post, but I wanted to show this beautiful trellis that my brother and sister n' law built over their garage doors.

I thought this was to coolest way to beautify an otherwise typical garage door. I think I might have to ask the hubby if we can try this sometime.

Sweet Nicol over at Classy and Sophisticated was sweet enough to give me this Blog Award. It's always nice to know that someone is enjoying your blog. You need to go and check hers out, she's is showing her home makeover and it's amazing. You will die when you see all the work they have put into making their nest cozy.

Once an award is received, the rules are as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Ok, now for the people I nominate in no particular order:

Megan from How did I get here - She's probably sick of getting awards from me, but she is so creative and her blog always cracks me up, I love the post with her little boy talking on the barbie telephone.

Crafty Chicks - These girls can craft. I love all of there ideas, but especially the scrapbook ones, you'll noticed I've copied them a lot.

Songbirdtiff - I just love this girl. I think we could be friends in real life. I have loved hearing about her and her hubby as they go through the whole adoption process, plus she has awesome ideas. You should she the dining room set that she refurbished.

Kaysville Momma - Once again, she's probably sick of getting awards from me, but I can't help it. She is the best blogging friend ever. She is the best cook, frugal shopper, and she is an incredible writer. Just last night I tried her recipe for barbecue pork and it was amazing. You need to try it.

Felicia over at Graves Family Meanderings - This girl is an amazing quilter. I was lucky enough to live by her when the hubby was in college. She owns one of those quilting machines and she is seriously the best quilter I've come across. She has an adorable family and her posts always crack me up. She also has an incredibly talented husband who can throw a sock and have it land on their ceiling fan while it's going. Truly amazing!

V & Co. - This girl doesn't even know me, but I have loved her blog. She has the best ideas and is an incredible decorator. You need to go over and see the newest little doll quilts she made, they are so cute.

Gettysburg Homestead - Not only is she so sweet to always comment on my blog, even when they are truly boring posts, but she makes the cutest crafts. I love how she decorated her porch for the 4th of July.

And there you have it. I want to thank all those who have supported me in my blogging addiction. My hubby who gets the kids to bed so I can blog until my hearts content. My parents who kicked me out to go to college, so I can write a sentence :) Not always a complete or gramaticly correct sentence, but none the less a sentence. The nester, what a woman. My little sister who pushed me into this whole blogging thing in the first place. And finally all my equally addicted fellow bloggers, such cool people.

Well have a great day, and I'll see ya on Monday!


Songbirdtiff said...

I think we would be friends in real life, too! Thank you for giving me such a sweet compliment.

Lawon said...

I had fun getting to hang out yesturday. It has been too long since we have done that. You deserve all the awards you get. Awesome blog!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Nicole... what do you mean boring posts??? I love your posts. You make the most beautiful cards and have great ideas for kids.

Thank you so much for thinking of me and giving me the award. Like you it makes feel great when I know others enjoy my blog...becuase secretly I like writing it. :-)



Nicol said...

I love that Trellis idea. What a great way to do something different with the garage. I'll have to remember that for the next house. Our current garage is covered with Ivy on one side (which would probably take over what every I planted) and our large patio on the other.

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Thank you for the award!!! We are justing heading out of town. I will come back and pick it up when we get back!!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Love the cards!!! I can't wait!

V & Co. said...

thank you for the award! i don't think you are a weirdo! thank you sooo much for liking my stuff!

PrimaCraftyMomma said...

Those cards are awesome! Good job!

Becky said...

Your cards are soooo adorable. I wish you would teach me how to make them. I bought a package of thank you cards today with flip flops and sunglasses on them. They are cute, but not at all as cute as yours.

I love your SIL's trellis. You bot are so talented.

Lacy said...

Hi Nicole, Thanks so much for the sweet comments. I came across your blog last week and love you! I hope you dont mind I put you on my link list. I really like your money cards. I cant wait to link to your blog friends who got your award.

EmBee said...

Hooray! I can't wait to see the cards IRL... They look Wonderful!

And yes, I too love the trellis idea.

George said...

I love this trellis. We are planning to do it to our garage next year. Can you tell me what kind of vine it is that she planted? And how long it grows? Does she replant it every year? And how does it look in the winter? email me! thanks! Heather