Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new project for a new year!

And it just might take a year to finish this one but I hope not.  I have always wanted to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt and when I saw this fabric from Fig Tree I knew it would be perfect.

Ok, so I'm not actually making an entire quilt.  I thought I'd start out with a table topper.  Honestly though, I have loved every minute of working on this.  I love that I can take it with me anywhere to work on.  At first I thought it would take forever, but once I got the hang of it, it started going along pretty  fast.

It was perfect to take on me and my husband's little trip to Las Vegas.  I do have to admit, I did get a few strange looks while working on it at the Las Vegas airport.  Geez, don't people sew or quilt in Vegas?  At least I came hope with all my money, AND some pretty flowers.

I have to admit, I'm not completely sure I'm doing in right.  I've seen some blogs where the thread is on the other side of the hexagons so I'm starting to wonder.  This method seems to be working good for me though so I think I'll stick with it.

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year.  Can't wait to see some of your projects for 2012!


Valerie said...

Amazing, Nicole! Simply beautiful.

Wishing you a blessed 2012! I am so excited to really focus this year on learning to sew! I read a quilting book that talked about how many young women (ahem, okay, I'm not THAT young anymore) go into quilt shops wanting to learn...and don't know the basics behind sewing! That would be me!!! ugh!

So, I'm bound and determined to change that.

And one funny thing to leave you with...I am a devout Catholic, but LOVE to follow many Mormon bloggers. Anyway, I saw the funniest quote on a Catholic forum and immediately thought of you...it said, "I really hate that I have to spend my money on Mormon Mommy websites because they are the only ones that make ADORABLE MODEST clothing. Why do all the Catholic mommies make modest clothing that looks like Little House on the Prairie. My daughters don't want to dress like Laura Ingalls."

Now, I don't think she meant any offense at all...obviously she spends her money on great Etsy shops that happen to be owned by Moms who are Latter Day Saints...but it just tickled me to no end b/c I understood her point...where are the Catholic mommies that want to dress their kids (girls especially, but boys too!) in cute, hip, but modest clothing?!!!

Okay, enough from me! Sorry so long! Happy New year.

Lisa said...

I say that if it works, don't change it! Looks good to me! Love the colors & can't wait to see it all finished!

I haven't decided on a project(s) yet. Still pondering that one.

Jeni said...

Your project is so pretty. I too really enjoy hexing...it's so relaxing and so pretty.

Have fun!

LeAnn said...

So pretty! I'm very intrigued by this project. Do you have a link for the tutorial you are using? I was surprised that you were doing it by hand and not a sewing machine... obviously, I know nothing.

--Funny comment from Valerie about the Mormon Mommy crafters vs. Laura Ingalls --

Carla said...

Lovin the hexies! I have done several projects this way and it is terribly addicting. Did you know you can get a few done while waiting in the drive-thru?? Never a dull moment.........

Amber said...

oooh those are beautiful. i really want to learn how to do that. good job!