Thursday, January 5, 2012

I know, Christmas is over!

But seriously, when you see something this cute,  how could I not make it.  I discovered the blog Nana Company a few weeks ago.  It's DANGEROUS - she is so talented, I find myself wanting to make every darn thing I see on her blog.  I saw this pillow she made for one of her children and fell in love.

I LOVE the colors that she used, but I wanted to make something that would fit in with all my other holiday decorations, so I decided to stick with some fabric that I already had.  I have a table runner and table topper out of this fabric so it worked great, but still I love the vintage Christmas fabrics that she used.

I'm REALLY loving these projects with a little more hand work.  Maybe it's because I'd rather sit in front of the TV then the sewing machine.  My stitching isn't great.  I was too lazy to go and buy one of those disappearing markers so I just eyed it, except for the lettering - I'm not that brave.

Now for the fun part.  I'm working on sewing on the binding and getting her all plump and pretty!  It's a good thing too because today she posted another project I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to make.


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

You are right! That site is super addicting! I love her attention to detail and crispness about her work. Your pillow is looking fantastic! I think that Christmas projects like that have to be done way before Christmas to actually get them done.

Neabear said...

Love your choice of fabrics! I had seen that pillow too and love the idea. Seeing how you did it, gives me ideas to change up the fabrics with ones that I have on hand. Lovely work!


Lisa said...

I love it! I'm rebelling against my lack of need to become addicted to another crafty site, and going to visit Nana's. Thanks for the tip... I think!

Chelle said...

I love the fabrics you used!