Thursday, January 26, 2012

My valentine hexagon pillow is coming along. Hopefully I will have it finished with some pictures by Monday.   I sold some fabric on etsy and ebay and it seemed only right to use that money to buy some more fabric.  Please tell me you understand. 

I found this sweet fabric over at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics on Etsy.  Wow, I could get in trouble spending too much time over there.  She has such a fun selection of selection of Fabrics

I do have a plan for this fabric, I had to justify buying it somehow.  I have a lot of neighbors and friends expecting babies.  When I saw these bibs I thought they would be perfect.

Of course they are from over at Nana Company.  I fall in love with everything she makes.

I have a couple of other Valentine Projects I'm working on so come back on Monday, hopefully I'll have them finished.  I'm so excited, tomorrow I get to hang out with my friend Cami.  Me and Cami met when our husbands were in college up at Utah State.  We lived in the same apartments.   She's one of those kindred spirits.  Were going to try and hit every fabric store in Northern Utah :)!  

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Becky said...

O, I completely understand about the need to buy more fabric! The bibs are cute, so I'm sure yours will turn out great. Have fun fabric shop-hopping with your friend!