Sunday, June 8, 2008

I love containers!!!

I know it' s a little odd, but I really like containers. Ya know my last post, how the girl I told you about put her cards in those cute little containers, and it looked like this?

Well I want some really bad. I think they would make the cutest gifts. So I've been looking for them and I found them in this magazine. (There letter A if your wondering)

They are 5 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 perfect for handmade cards!

The only problem is you have to buy like 200 of them, and they are 52cents a piece. Yea, so it would be like over 100 dollars, and I would be in big trouble if I spent that much on cute little containers. So I've been thinking maybe some of you out there are also addicted to cute little containers and would want some. Well if like 3 of you were interested, we could each pay 25.00 plus a couple more so I could send them to you, and end up with 50 cute little containers. Or if you live close I could just bring them to you. So, if your interested, let me know. You want some, I know you do!!!


megan said...

Too cute! Too many for me though. I wouldn't want that many. I would never use them up even if I thought they were cute. Let me know if lots of people are interested.

Cami Groethe said...

I have a pattern to make a cute little purse that holds cards. It is made from a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock, cute paper, and ribbon. I can send you a picture and a pattern if you are interested.

Nicol said...

Too cute! I am hosting a huge summer social this summer and have been trying to figure out a favor. Perhaps I could do something with one of the boxes, but then I'm not sure if the budget would allow that. *sigh*

I love your "I Belong" button. Where did you find it at? I would love to put something like that on my blog.

Sherri said...

Those are cute!!! Reminds me of when Aubrey and I wanted to buy "Cafe Rio pans" Let me know if you need some of those!!!

Nicole said...

Ok, your all off the hook. I found some of these cute containers at my local craft store (sold seperately).

Rachel said...

I actually found you off of Tausha's blog... I think.. :) Anyway I have been to your blog before and was LOVING your kitchen cabinets! You 2 did such a great job. I am getting ready to paint some of my big furniture pieces black. Wish me luck.
Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice meeting new bloggy friend. I hope you don't mind if I keep reading yours. Talk to you later.


Ps. Your blog is very cute love the colors and the dots.

Chris said...

I love containers too! Finally, someone as weird as me. :-) By the way, I LOVE what you did with your cabinets. It looks like a completely different room. Good job!

Erika said...

I know you said you found some boxes, but I just thought I'd let you know that you can get them online at They are really high quality boxes and can fit 12 embellished cards and envelopes...It's $6 for 10 of them. Plus they have super cute stamp sets!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Just found your it! And I am an organizational junkie, so I'm a sucker for containers too.