Thursday, May 1, 2008

Front Runner

I really am going to post some picures on this thing. Me and my hubby took the kids to ride the front runner last night, I look my camera and when I went to take some pictures it was out of batteries. There were some really interesting people too. The kids loved the train, I think they made the tracks go through the "most interesting" back yards in Utah. I guess people are probobly not thrilled about a train going through their backyards either though. Anyhow, it was fun and free, what more can you ask!!!


Pink Dreaming said...

we must have the same music taste...i like your new mayer song! Thanks for posting at my blog. Sorry about the crazy post today. I was just being bored.

As far as the help. I would love to put a new background on my blog. I have picked out some digital scrap booking paper, but don't know how or where to "paste" it. Is it hard to do? WHere do I go to do it?

Valarie said...

Thanks for visting over at my place!

I think your blog looks great! You did a great job.

Train through people backyards? Very interesting.

Allen said...

Ok, i need your help! You need to design my blog for me. I want it to look cut like yours!

Pink Dreaming said...

where are you? I just stopped by to check in and see that you haven't posted in a few days! I hope you will soon! I hope you are ok.

Thanks for coming over my way and helping! I still haven't had a free moment to try..maybe tomorrow!