Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Alfresco Dinner

Last week on our door was an invitation for an Alfresco Dinner at a neighbors house.  I was super excited.  One because she is a caterer so I knew the fool would be super good (and it was).  And their house is one of those houses that I've been admiring forever and really wanted to see more of it.

Isn't it the cutest house.  I will go by in the daytime one of these days and get a better picture for you.  

I knew she would have it decorated so cute, and she did.  I love the bunting (I hear it's no longer a pennant garland it's bunting).

For dinner she served the most delicious homemade breads and everyone who came brought a salad.  I wish the guests would have brought there recipes too, because there were some really good ones.  For dessert she served the best fruit cobbler I've ever had, and all this time I thought mine was good.

Here is the cute deck that is just off the side of their house.  They just had a daughter get married and her husband told me this is where the band played.

For dinner they just laid out a bunch of blankets, it was so cute.

I love their pretty garden, it almost makes me want one.

At the end of the party I saw people inside their home, so of course I went right in.  Her Father was the artist for the LDS church magazines for 30 years so her home is filled with beautiful art.

Their dining room, so cozy!

Her kitchen was very Art Deco (I hope that is the right term).  She had beautiful cabinets made out of gum wood. 

So as you can see I was in heaven.  I took as many pictures as I could with 4 kids.   Remember a while back when I talked about all the beautiful houses in my neighborhood.   Well I am super lucky because now I live even closer to these beautiful historic homes.    And I go to church with a lot of the home owners every Sunday. can bet I will do my best to get inside of them and snatch a bunch of pictures.

I almost forgot,  I'm so excited about this.  I FINALLY finished a post for Moda.  It's my favorite quilt ever.  I made this quilt over two years ago, and have just put off writing up a tutorial for it.  


Rebecca Lynne said...

This house looks so charming on the outside. Please take a pic during the day and share!

Cherie said...

Somehow found your blog today :) Can't wait to see your Moda project!

a little bit biased said...

Sound like a lovely evening and I love her little cottage. Congrats on your first Moda Bakeshop project. Can't wait to see it!


Boni said...

She does know how to cook, she catered at our wedding reception. Then we moved into that ward, funny huh? I'm jealous you get to go in all those amazing homes.