Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Know, it's a Miracle!

I know, it's taken a really looooong time, but I've
finally did something crafty.    Remember this little
guy that I blogged about in my last post, well I read 
about a fundraiser that they are doing for him and
really wanted to contribute something.

I've had this fabric forever.  I bought it to make a 
scripture bag for a girl that  babysits for me.  Well, I
waited too long and now I think this fabric is a little too
juvenile for her. But it worked perfectly for this quilt.

I love how people put a little strip from the 
front onto the back so of course I copied it. You 
can't see it very well, but there is some rows with
ric rac also (I love ric rac).

Have you ever really wanted to be good
at something, but no matter what you 
just were not.  Well, that is how I feel when
it comes to stippling.  I took a class on free hand
quilting on the sewing machine, but I just can seem
to get stippling down.    It probably doesn't help
that I'm a nervous wreck the whole entire time.

I got it off in the mail yesterday so hopefully
it will raise a little money for this sweet little boy.
Reading their story has made me want to better
mother. It's hard to complain about your kids being 
little stinkers when this mother would do anything
just to see her baby be healthy enough to play.

I'm not gonna lie though.  I am looking forward
to school starting next week.  I know I will be sad
when next Monday comes, but my kids are so 
excited and I'm ready to have more of a schedule

By the way this quilt was super simple.
 I had 8 or 9 coordinating pieces of fabric and 
I just cut a bunch of different size strips I'd say 
between 2 and 4 1/2 inches wide.   The finished quilt
is about 40 x 40 and the strip on the back is
about 4 inches wide.   It was so fun to 
make I even bought some more fabric so make
another one.

Oh and if any of you quilters out there have 
some advice for stippling I would gladly take it.


Felicia said...

Great job! What a cute quilt. Practice stippling on paper with a pencil. I think of puzzle pieces while I'm doing it, and concentrate on keeping the spaces about the same size. Once you have it in your head, it becomes easier. I think it's a lot harder on a home machine, than a longarm.

Jenny said...

Nicole that blanket is so beautiful!! You know what is more beautiful and amazing? YOU!!! I love that you are so kind and caring, you have such a big heart.
I love you!!!

Jen said...

Oh Nicole that blanket is lovely! You are so talented, I wish I could sew. I bought a machine 2 years ago, tried to thread it once and I gave up.
I love that you are donating for sweet little Tripp. I pray for him and his sweet family everyday. You are so sweet and thoughtful! xoxoxo

Ashlee said...

Nicole, You amaze me!What a sweet heart you are. Love your blankets. I truly love to see what you have been up to! :)