Friday, March 11, 2011

The long awaited Birthday Party!

These boys have been very patient. Both of them
had birthday's in February, but with the move and
everything we just barely celebrated their
Birthday's last Saturday.
My oldest is trying to show off his super cape that
was the party favors for the kids. A tutorial is coming.
It was super cheap and easy to make and a big hit
for the kids.

I FINALLY finished my project that I started way back
in..............well, I don't even remember.

Sorry, the picture isn't the greatest. It's hard to get a good
picture facing a window.

It turned out pretty cute and it was fun to have
a new entrance way to hang it in.

Speaking of new entrance way, we are
pretty much all moved into our new home. We are
loving it. Change is always a little hard on me, even
though we only moved a couple blocks North, but so far
it's gone pretty smoothly. There are some way
neat historical homes in our neighborhood that
I'm hoping I can bug the owners for a tour, I'll
take lots of pictures.


Ruth said...

The party was great fun and the capes were definitely the biggest hits ever! The cousins wear them daily. You know that if you get in to tour any of those homes you shouldn't go alone, you should always take your Mother with you.
You really amazed me that you could move in, get organized sew all the capes and get the banner done the week you moved in, then host a birthday party for two little boys. You impress me!

michelle's 10 things said...

I just got my daughter to print the darling postcard download from your Valentine post. It is so sweet. Thank you very much for sharing it. I will enjoy using it next year.

Jess said...

Can you post a tutorial or e-mail me (mrs.snuff @ hotmail dot com)how you made the birthday banner? It is awesome! My son's first birthday is coming up and I would loooove to re-make it. :)