Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Birthday for one silly boy!

If you can't tell from the picture let me
fill you in. This is one silly boy and he
just turned 4. This guy likes to keep
us on our toes, and do his own thing.

You even decided to come into this world on
your own time. I had a routine doctors
visit and 35 weeks. The doctor informed me
that I was in labor and to far in to stop it.
Next thing I knew I was walking down
the hall to labor and delivery.

We called your Dad at work and told
him to hurry and get to the hospital. A few
hours later you were born. You had some
difficulty breathing so you spent about a
week in the NICU. While I was so thankful
it was only a week, it was one of the most
difficult weeks of my life. You were still
a good size baby though, 7 lbs 12oz's.

You are such a handsome little guy.
I love your big blue eyes and long
dark eye lashes. Your favorite
thing is to have your back scratched,
and it doesn't matter when or where.

You are constantly making us laugh. While
I'm already worried for Parent Teacher Conference's
someday, but I wouldn't trade you for the wold. You
keep me on my toes and help me to remember that
it's the little things in life that are important.

Happy Birthday! I'm so proud to be your Mom!


Twice as Nice said...

What a cutie pie. Your babies are born with lots of hair! Happy Birthday.

Erika said...

We already miss you guys!! How's the new house?? Your family is growing right up. I hear you on the NICU stay, it is really hard! We are so lucky our boys are healthy and strong!

Gene Black said...

Happy Birthday silly boy!
He is adorable.

Mimi Sue said...

Happy Birthday! Yes I love going in to CO OP chicks. They are a fun store. I sold a vintage 1956 stove their last year. We want a tour of your new house when you're settled! Mimi

classic • casual • home said...

My son is 18 years old and I tell him every year about the night he was born. Your little guy is darling.
Mary Ann

Erika said...

That's so cute what McKay said, I hope he gets used to the new ward soon! Random question, where did you get your cute black and silver diaper bag??

Ruth said...

Oh Nicole, I remember like it was yesterday too. I couldn't believe it when you called and told me you were in labor. You and Corwin sure have beautiful babies! I love every one of them.