Saturday, February 5, 2011

She is pretty much a genius!

I was visiting my friends blog the other day and noticed
this picture of her coat closet that she had re-done.
Is this not the smartest thing you've ever seen. It's not
like kids can reach and hang their coats up on
hangers anyways.

As soon as we get into a real house this is the first
project on my list. No more excuses for throwing
down coats and backpacks as soon as they come
in the front door from school!
Cami...............your a genius!


amber said...

I love this idea

Heidi said...

What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing it with us:-)

Cami said...

Nicole, I am honored you posted the picture of my closet. One thing I wish I would have done it make the kids hooks a little higher. Aaron's coat is already a little too long, if I put shoe baskets on the floor. I also need a bag to hang from a hook for winter stuff. One day I will get it done.... probably in the summer :)

Ruth said...

It isn't just really functional, it looks so nice! If I ever figure out my Cricket we can do some fun things for your house like what's in her closet. Sooo cute!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments about our Sara's wedding. We had SO much fun!!! : )
P.S. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Hi Nicole, Love this idea! Truthfully? I need to re-do the closet in my teens room and do one like this for ALL his clothes! (I wonder if they would make it to the hooks?) lol
GREAT idea, thanks for posting it.
Did YOU order this new snow?

JoLaLaLa said...
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JoLaLaLa said...

I found this picture on pinterest, but it was linked to someplace different than this original post and that page was deleted so I went in search of the original source. After some digging and Google image searching , I did it. So glad I found you here!

I was wondering- if it's not too much trouble- if your friend could help us know the dimensions of her closet so we get a better idea of how much space is being shown between those hooks, etc. Also, because I can't see the floor, How high does the wainscot come up the wall? Was thinking about building a box to fit in the space of the floor with a pull out drawer (or baskets) to hold our gloves/stocking hats/etc. so I would come up from that, but a general idea would help give me a basis. Thanks so much in advance!!

And thank you for posting this- it may have saved my tiny entry closet and actually made it useful once I get this done!!! :)