Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Problem fixed, I hope!

Warning: This is a really, really long post, with way too many pictures!!!

Ok, know that you've all been warned, here it goes. First off sorry it's been FOREVER since my last post, and that I've been HORRIBLE about visiting all of my blogging friends. I think my computer had a virus because it was running way, way, way slow. I'm crossing my fingers that I've fixed the problem and everything will run fine for a while.

I thought I'd give you all a run down of our Thanksgiving weekend, it was a little crazy but fun.

We spent Thanksgiving day with my family. I was in charge of a apple pie, the rolls and a cauliflower casserole. I was pleased with how the pie turned out so of course I had to take a picture.

That night me and my mom and sisters went and saw Twilight. It was pretty good, definitely low budget and Jacob had really bad hair, but I do hope they do others.

Friday we spent at my in laws. It was nice and relaxing!

Here is my sister n law and her sweet baby twin boys!

Saturday was a little crazy, I had two concerts to play at with the flute choir I play in. First I had one at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake. It was fun to play there and the building is gorgeous.

Sorry, not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea!

Did I tell you how beautiful this building is. They have it decorated so beautiful for Christmas.

Check out this tree, and you thought decorating your tree was a pain. A lot of brides come here to get pictures taken since it's just across the street from the Salt Lake Temple.

I had to get a picture of the ceiling. I will never complain about cleaning the windows or light fixtures in my house again.

That night we played at another concert in a beautiful building. This is a old historic tabernacle near where we live. Every year they have a big Nativity Celebrating. There are different musical groups that perform for two days and then they have a room full of hundreds of different nativity scenes.

They even have little children that take turns being in the live nativity.

I didn't get any pictures of the nativity scenes, but check out this quilt.

I loved this cross stitch, it was so simple and beautiful.

Have I overloaded you all with pictures? It was a fun and crazy event packed weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend also.
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Becky said...

Glad your back. I'm impressed with your pie crust. WOW!! The christmas tree is beautiful and oh my the quilt is too!

Laura said...

Your pie looks beautiful! Glad you had a good holiday and that building is lovely! Give Twilight another go round, I liked it a lot more when I saw it the second time. (I've seen it three times, haha) The first time I spent comparing it to the book, the second time I just watched it as a movie. Glad you are back!

Laura :)

joelandbecca said...

HI! I missed you! Glad you had a good thanksgiving. I miss the JSMB and all the lights downtown. Thanks for sharing those pics!

Carrie said...

Glad you are back it looks like you had a great Thanksgiving loved all the pictures!

onlymehere said...

I was hooked on every picture! I agree that the Joseph Smith Building is absolutely gorgeous. I love just the feeling there is there when you walk in the door. I didn't know you were such a talented lady! I'm impressed. Thanks for showing the quilt and cross stitch too. I'm always fascinated with things like that, maybe bz I know how much work goes into them! LOL! Glad you're back. Oh, one last thing, I can't believe after twins your sister-in-law got so skinny with them so little! They're adorable!

beth at aunties said...

You were missed! Your pie looked yummy and I bet tasted even better.
I am so impressed by your musical talent to be able to play in those beautiful buildings. I agree the decor is fabulous! We will be there soon with our new bride as it is their big weekend. Our son flies back into town tomorrow. She will be our third bride to have pictures taken in front of that gorgeous tree:-)
I am hoping to see Twilight and hope I am not too disapointed in it.
Take care and thanks for your helpful hints.

Blissful Nikki said...

ok, I want one of your pies because it looks great!! And that building and the decor?! TDF!!! wow!

Kimberly said...

That quilt is just amazing!!

Scrapper Mom said...

Wow!! I've missed you. That pie looks like something out of a magazine or something.

And I think it is so neat that you play the flute.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Loved the pix from the JS Mem. Bldg. What a thrill for you to have played there. And thanks for taking photos of the beautiful!

Mrs. Trixi said...

It looks like a great Thanksgiving!!
That building is stunning.

Amber M. said...

So happy to see a new post from you this've been missed!

Shannon said...

All the pictures are so pretty!

Tonya said...

Wowza, those buildings are amazing! I'm still trying to catch up w/everyone since I've been slacking on my blog too! ;)

LeAnn said...

I've missed you, Nicole! Welcome back!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Welcome back...looks like a good time.

Cami said...

I loved all the pics. We should be moving into our apt on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for us that they will actually let us move in. Let us know when we can watch your kids. My kids have so much fun with yours!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

That quilt is beautiful.

Are you guys feeling better yet?

megan said...

I stole some of the flute choir pics from yer blog. Hope you don't mind!