Monday, June 4, 2012

Pillow's, B-day presents, and Teacher Appreciation's another pillow. I've decided that's my new favorite thing to make. It works up much quicker than a quilt and takes much less fabric. So, you might be seeing a lot of these since I have a couple more birthday's coming up. My little niece Ashley turned 5 so this pillow is for her.

My daughter actually make the cute little blanket in back.  She'd been wanting me to teacher her to sew forever.  Awhile back she was struggling with anxiety and I thought maybe teaching her to sew would keep her mind off of all the worrying her little brain was doing.    I cut out 5" squares and let her arrange them and sew them together.   She did an awesome job.

My good friend Jenny had a Birthday and I wanted to make her something special.  She likes to sew also, so I knew she would appreciate something like this.   It's just a little covered notebook.  I still need to make three more for friends birthday's that I've missed.................I'm such a slacker.

Sorry, you probably getting sick of seeing these tags sewn into everything.  I just love how they make things seem and little more personal.

It was the last day of school for my kids this last Friday.  I have LOVED their teachers this last year and really wanted to do something special for them.  I found these Welch's  sparkling lemonade's at Walmart and thought they looked so good.    The card's kind of cheesy, I'm not to creative with words.

I think I may need to go buy one of the strawberry lemonade's for myself.  

Today is the first day of summer break for my kids.  I always have a tough time with that last day of school.  I'm glad to have my kids home, but I'm always sad to say goodbye to their teachers, they've had such good one's.   My daughters teacher was so sweet with her, especially when she was going through her anxiety.  She even sat and cried with me over seeing her struggle.  She's an amazing lady.  She and her husband have adopted 8 children.

My son's teacher has been such a sweetheart also.  He's always struggled a little with stuttering and she has been so great in helping him get the help he needs.  This is him on the last day of school.  It was also Pajama day:)    I was sad to learn she is transferring to a different school next year.   He has loved her so much, he even asked if he could go to summer school.

Hopefully your not getting sick of seeing my projects.  I need to try and think up something new, but my goal this summer is to finish all my projects that I've started, gotten bored with and stashed away.  Wish me luck!


LeAnn said...

Cute pillows and I love the lemonade idea!

Debbie said...

What lovely gifts and that journal cover is adorable!! Would you be willing to share the tutorial for it?

Carla said...

Wonderful! I am sure the teachers will love them.

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for the book!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! You are too sweet!!!! Love ya!!

Tammie said...

I love the pillow ideas and am so not tired of looking at them. Like Debbie I would love the tutorial.

Tammie said...

I wanted to add my daughter had anxiety problems as a young girl. Animals are so good for them and prayer. She did out grow it and now is a beautiful grown woman with children of her own.

Kátia said...

I am Brazilian and I do not speak English very well, but would really like to thank you for your kindness in sharing what they know. A kiss!