Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Bliss

Not my baby bliss (sadly) but a new neighbors of mind.  Tonight I have a baby shower to go to and so of course it gave me a good excuse to do a little sewing.  I've seen some bibs like this on blogs and wanted to give it a try. 

I'm so addicted to this Ruby fabric.  I have a real fear of running out of it.  Every time I use some of it I have to go to the fabric store to replace what I've used.    I love this lace by Riley Blake.  If  our local fabric store sold this, I would be replacing it also.

Another thing I'm addicted to - Cross Hatch Quilting.  I know this bib didn't need it, but I just couldn't resist.  In turn - I probably made it a little too think - oh well, thick bibs are good right?  I used some matching dot minky on the back and some ric rac for the edges.

I've also been wanting to try Amy's tutorial for these burp cloths.  I couldn't find the nice diapers she used, I'm not sure if they still make them.  These are just Gerber Brand from Walmart, but they look sorta cheap.  If anyone has any ideas of where I can find some nicer quality ones I'd love to know.

Hopefully my neighbor will like them.  I'll be making lots more because I think a good quarter of my neighborhood is expecting.

One more quick thing - I had a comment asking me where I got the pattern for the  So Cherry quilt.  Sorry to say I didn't use a pattern.  Me and my friend just figured it out together (mostly her).   Maybe when things slow down a bit I can make a tutorial, but until then here is a few tips. 

- Before sticking on the squares I used a ruler and graphed out where I wanted the squares
- We used a glue stick to glue on the squares before quilting.
- Used a 1/2" border around squares.
- Used 1/4" seams on sides of squares
- My squares (I think) were 3 1/2" inches square.  I already gave it away or I would measure them.
- A walking foot helps a ton with this project

Hope that helps a little.  Feel free to e-mail with any other questions.


Valerie said...

OMgosh...that bib is just precious! You totally rock the quilting world. BTW...just took my first intro to quilting class last Saturday. Got started on my 1st project...a table runner. I know you've made many a runner! Anyways, thanks for the sewing inspiration!!!

Marie said...

Sooo cute, Nicole! If you get any recommendations on where to buy the nice cloth diapers, I'd love to hear too! Thank you for your birthday message, too. Our baby is due March 26, can't wait to be done! :) I hope you guys are doing well!

Debi said...

Very cute bib & burp cloths! Do you have any tips regarding sewing on Minkee? I found it very difficult. I changed needles, thread tension, pressure foot tension & still had trouble getting the needle to go through that backing. Thanks!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Nicole! You always do such a lovely job! I love that line of fabric too. That quilt was fantastic!

Becky said...

They are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Flowers in the Window said...

Gorgeous little bib! Maggie xx

Cheryl G. said...

Love the burp cloths!
Soooo cute!
My neighbor taught me how to make the diaper kind not that long ago.
She told me to get the cloth diapers at Kmart. So, I did and they turned out near perfectly (not as cute as yours---love the ric-rac!).

Cindy said...

So cute. I bought my diapers for the burp cloths at Babies R Us when they were on sale. They were great.
I'm coming from Amylouwho link up party!

Heather said...

What a gorgeous baby gift for your friend! Love the bib, burp cloths, everything. So sweet!

tasha said...

the bib and burb cloths are so adorable!! i love ruby to and the crochet trim and ric rac details are precious!!

Debi said...

So cute!! Can you tell me if you used a special sized needle to sew the Minky? I tried everything & my old machine was having a hard time sewing through the backing on it. Any tips would be appreciated.

randi--i have to say said...

i am dying over that bib! too cute!