Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Week with some peace and inspiration!

It's been a crazy week!  Sunday this little guy started
with a cold (well actually more like Friday).  But, by 
Sunday he was feeling pretty crummy.  I sent the family to
church and tried to get in a little cuddle time with him. 
He just wasn't  breathing good and breathing treatments 
were not helping.   I took him to the doctor where
he had two more breathing treatments but finally she
decided it would be best to send him to the hospital.

By the time we got to the hospital me and him were both
pretty cranky, but him especially.  Most of the poor nurses
knew to keep their distance from him.   Anyhow, after a 
night of monitoring and breathing treatments
they let us go home.

Thankfully we have a nebulizer machine at
home from last month when he had RSV and 
he is doing much, much better.

My 7 year old came home from the library with this
book.  Let me tell you, I've heard more knock knock
jokes than well.......anyone should have to hear in a 
lifetime. He is such a silly guy.

My 9 year old had a report due on Juab County.  I 
remember in college taking my last final thinking...........
finally I'm done.  No more dates looming over me or tests 
to stress about.  Boy was I wrong, really it's just beginning. 
  I think her float turned out pretty good.  I,  (I mean she)   
better get an A.  Hey, I got some pretty good tips from  
watching  CakeBoss, I'll remind my husband of that next 
time he teases me.

This guy has a new found love for money.  My parents
bought each of my kids a piggy bank for Christmas.  I 
kept them packed away while we were in our apartment
and got them out just recently.   If he finds any spare
change lying around he swipes it.  We've had some
nice talks about stealing and not taking other people's 

On the upside, we can get him to do just about anything
for money.  He doesn't care if it's a penny or quarter,
as long as it's money.  Oh wait, he doesn't care for
the paper stuff.  Probably because it doesn't go in
the candy machines.

This weekend is General Conference.  I love 
General Conference.  It helps me to re-evaluate
and keep things in the right perspective. 

Lately I've been feeling insecure about a lot of things.
And honestly, they are things that in the eternal
perspective don't matter even a little bit.   It's been
so nice to relax with my family this weekend in our
comfortable home and enjoy listening to our Prophet
and Apostle's.    


badlandsquilts said...

Glad your little man is better... We have the same LC Plus neb cups...and some winters they get a lOT of use!

Mimi Sue said...

Happy to hear he's doing better. Wasn't GC great? Mimi

ChelseaO said...

Love the picture in the leaves! I sure hope all of the crazy weather is over and we can have spring (not summer yet) and all of the colds can just go away. You guys have certainly had your share this winter. You are right, conference was great! Kiss my grandkids!

ChelseaO said...

I think Chelsea is still logged on from yesterday. That (& this are from Ruth/Grandma.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Your, I mean, her float turned out so cute! I gave them a ride to school that morning and they told me all about it. I love how they are not shy at all! Glad your baby is feeling better. Poor little guy and Mama.