Sunday, August 9, 2009

I feel like this blog is starting to sound like my journal. Every entry says "Wow, it's been a long time since I last wrote." It started out just being a couple weeks in between journal entries, now, I think the last time I wrote in it was like 7 years ago, WOW, that's really BAD!!!
It has been a crazy couple of weeks. First off this girl somehow grew up before my eyes.
(Don't I have the cutest dad!)

I swear it was just the other day I was at the hospital in Logan holding a beautiful baby girl. How the heck did she suddenly turn eight??? (Picture from her birthday party at my aunt's pool.) She is the one in the green with white polka dots.

Last Saturday she was baptized. Doesn't she look sweet, it was a beautiful day. We bought her a pretty cream dress for after the baptism, my friend took some pictures for me. Of course I'll show them off when I get them, she's working some of her photo shop magic on them.

I had a moment of insanity and spent way too much on a diaper bag. It was 58% off, but still way too much. I think I thought it would make me look like a cool mom or something, since most of the time I really don't feel so cool. Now if I could just find something to make a pregnant woman with a large belly and rear end feel cute.................

I'm also working on another project from Moda. I'm really excited about this one, I LOVE this fabric. It's Glace from 3 Sisters, so pretty!

And there ya have it!!! School starts in a couple of weeks. I always feel guilty when this time of the year rolls around and wish I would have done more fun things with my kids. We did spend a lot of time at the park, I vacuumed about a cup of sand out of the car yesterday to prove it. Well, my hubby is baking some of my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies so I better go help him out and eat a couple. I'm sure that will help with the whole large rear end problem.


Heidi said...

That is so exciting that your daughter is 8! My daughter has the same swim suit! That means we both have good taste!

Cute diaper bag!!

onlymehere said...

What a very special birthday! She's a beautiful young lady. Wait until you say "how can my baby girl be having a baby girl?!" That was a moment that totally blew me away. When is your baby due? I love the diaper bag and I think it'll make you look cool, or at least feel cool! My blog is my public journal and I haven't written in my journal since before Travis was born (19 years ago). Okay, go ahead and give me the bad mom award. I found that I was usually writing in my journal when I was upset bz it made me put things in perspective, but it also made me sound like a witch! I need to keep a personal journal again but for now the blog is taking it's place and that's why I print it out and put it in a binder, lol! Wish I was there to help you with the cookies but I guess it's best I'm not since I don't have a tiny rearend either, lol! Thanks for the chuckle. Cindy

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Congratulations on your daughter's baptism. Hope the cookies were delish.

Sarah said...

That diaper bag is it!

I also LOVE that fabric...Moda is my favorite, by far. :)

Jen said...

My oldest turns 12 this week and will be passing the sacrament next week! I'm feeling a little anxious!

Don't you wish we could just put a brick on our kid's heads, to keep them from growing?

I adore the diaper bag. I'm guilty of purchasing 2 diaper bags with my youngest. They were both just too darn cute!

Everytime I read my old journal entries from when I was 17-20 years old, I am tempted to rip those pages out and burn them. I fear that my future grandchildren will laugh at my ridiculous entries and that I use to sign my name with my old boyfriend's last name attached to the end. Yikes!

I'm looking forward to see what you will create with the cute Moda Fabric!

Courtney said...

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Anonymous said...

Well the good thing about the whole rear-end problem (which I'm sure you don't have) once you are holding the baby in your arms nobody pays attention to what the back of you looks like!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your daughter's baptism, she is such a cutie. My son got baptized this year too. Such a fun day!
Love the fabric you are working with, and I can't wait to see the final project.

jaybird said...

ohh glace.. i wonder what you are cooking up!

Mimi Sue said...

Go ahead and have a cookie. You have a great excuse for a big rear end! Happy Birthday to your cute daughter. It's bad when your oldest turns 33! 8 is still doable. The bag is adorable. Sometimes you have to splurge. Mimi

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Give your pretty daughter lots of hugs cuz she'll be all grown up in a few blinks of your eyes...I am never ready for school to start. I like living in this unorganized summer manner. And I never do get all the fun things done that I want to before the busy school life starts. Summer is slipping away from us! Shhhhh.....don't say that out loud and maybe we can have some more time!

I agree with Mimi, sometimes you just need to splurge...Ya, I also have a huge rear and what else was that you said???............. Oh ya, big belly! Well there ya go, and I'm not having a baby! Do you think a new bag would make me feel/look cool??? No?
I didn't really think so either. But did you have to put it like that? I need some cookies, hurry!

My oldest daughter is 29, and she is having her fourth baby, a girl this time, (she has three boys). It's fun! I enjoy her a. lot. I'm glad she likes me too....makes for funner(?) ( Ok. so I'm not even sure that's a word) times that way huh! Daughters are the best! Well, aside from sons who are also the best! Have a great weekend, and maybe you had better hit the park a few more times...LOL ♥

Erika said...

I love that diaper bag! I want a new one.

Michell said...

I really love the diaper bag!
It looks awesome!! I want a new one...
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